The Parent"s guide to increased Reader - provides a finish reference to accelerated Reader and also explains just how to help your students come to be stronger readers.

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The Parent"s overview to AR BookFinder - because that those parents who desire to help their kids choose books, or desire to help their kids learn exactly how to pick the right books for themselves. BookFinder offers parents with the opportunity to find for title at the ideal levels.

The Parent"s guide to Renaissance Home affix - parents deserve to log ~ above Renaissance Home affix to gain instant update on their student"s analysis progress.


TOP readers IN THE whole SCHOOL because that :


peak GRADE-LEVEL reader FOR :

Fourth 4 minutes 1 ():

Third quarter (2019-2020):Top 10 AR List

1.) Bierman, Tristan 7th grade, - 139.8 pts.2.) Connor, Arianna 7th grade, - 119pts.3.) Miller, Abram 6th grade, - 117.1pts.4.) VanDeveer, McKenna 4th grade, - 70.3pts.5.) Cameron, Oliver 4th grade, - 69pts.6.) Miller, Gracie 8th grade, - 66.2pts.7.) Amason, Aurora sixth grade, - 64.6pts.8.) Ray, Alexander 7th grade, - 63.0pts.9.) Baker, Layla 3rd grade, - 62.0pts.10.) Sloat, Adia 5th grade, - 61.6pts.

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SecondQuarter ():

FirstQuarter ():

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