Axis that the Earth An imaginary straight line running v the center of the planet from the phibìc Pole come the south Pole. The planet is claimed to turn (spin) on this axis, i m sorry is "tilted" in relationship to the sun. This reasons our seasons.

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Equinox The word way "equal night." It refers to the 2 moments each year when the sun appears to cross the equator. The spring (vernal) equinox is about March 21 and the autumn (autumnal) equinox is approximately September 23. Almost all places on earth have about 12 hrs of daylight and also 12 hrs of night ~ above the equinoxes. The sunlight doesn"t really move, however it looks favor it does to us. That"s due to the fact that our earth is tilted together it revolves around the sun when a year.
feather or fall equinox

Greenwich mean Time (GMT) or global Time (UT) An worldwide time-keeping standard based on the regional time in Greenwich, England (0 degrees longitude). GMT or UT enables us to refer to things that occur at the same minute in various time zones. (It would certainly be confuse to use "local time.") At any kind of moment, GMT/UT is the same anywhere on Earth. (That"s why it"s dubbed universal time.) What time is it now? check the Greenwich average Time clock.

This map mirrors how numerous hours you need to add to or subtract indigenous your neighborhood time to acquire the GMT. (Click come enlarge.)
Hemisphere A mapping division an interpretation half the the planet (sphere). First, photo cutting the earth in fifty percent at the equator (0 degrees latitude). This divides the earth into the northern Hemisphere (north of the equator) and the southerly Hemisphere (south that the equator). These room labeled in yellow on the illustration. Next picture cutting the earth in half at the element Meridian (0 degrees longitude). This divides the planet into the west Hemisphere (west of the prime Meridian) and also the east Hemisphere (east that the element Meridian). These are labeled in red ~ above the illustration.
Click come enlarge this picture of the earth"s hemispheres.
Latitude imagine horizontal mapping lines on the Earth. Lock are recognized as "parallels" of latitude due to the fact that they run parallel come the Equator. The number of degrees that latitude shows how much north or south of the Equator a particular location is.

Longitude Imaginary vertical mapping present on planet known together "meridians" that longitude. The variety of degrees of longitude shows how far east or west of the prime Meridian a certain location is.


Meridian An imagine line the runs vertically, north and also south, indigenous the north Pole come the south Pole. All points on a meridian have actually the very same longitude.
Prime Meridian: The prime Meridian serves as the beginning point because that longitude measurement, so is shown as 0 degrees longitude. The element Meridian passes directly over the British imperial Observatory in Greenwich, England. (See illustration, above.)
Revolution of the Earth The yearly 365 1/4 days expedition the earth takes about the sun. Us experience various seasons together the tilted planet revolves around the sun.
Rotation of the Earth The spinning or transforming of the planet on its axis. The earth makes one finish rotation every twenty-four hours.

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Solstice The word way "sun stop." It describes the 2 moments each year when the sun appears to be the furthest from the equator. Top top the winter solstice in our hemisphere (around December 22), the sun appears to reach its most southerly point. That is our shortest work of the year. From there, it appears to head north until it get its many northerly point. That is ours summer solstice (around June 21): the longest work of the year. As soon as the north Hemisphere has actually its summer solstice, the southerly Hemisphere has its winter solstice, and vice versa.The sun doesn"t really move, yet it looks prefer it does come us. That"s due to the fact that our earth is tilted together it revolves approximately the sun when a year.
Twenty-Four Hour Clock Instead of maintaining time on the basis of 12 a.m. Hours and also 12 p.m. Hours, the 24-hour clock runs directly through. It begins at 00:00 (midnight) and also runs come 23:59 (11:59 PM). This is additionally known as "military time."