People who usage the metric device seem to usage millimeters, centimeters, and meters really often because that measurement. For some reason, however, it doesn't seem prefer they use decimeters (10 centimeters) very often.

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As who who began out making use of the royal system because that measurements, i have constantly considered the foot measure up to it is in a really useful measurement device (between inches and yards).

In the metric system, however, it seems very clumsy come go directly from centimeters come meters, through no regularly-used measurement in between.

For those that use the metric system, why isn't the decimeter measurement used much more in colloquial use?



people dont typically use the center measurements since they are a little bit redundant. While friend could change units every magnitude of 10, human being usually only do it because that magnitudes that 1000. The most common metric dimensions are kilo, regular, mili, micro, and also nano. Every one of those are 3 decimal spaces apart. Deci, hecto, deca and also the people inbetween are not used due to the fact that its less complicated to say 10m. As soon as the numbers walk to countless meters, that is usually readjusted to kilometers.

centimeter is sorta a one-of-a-kind case. I guess that used much more often climate the others because its the many convinient measurement because that our person scale world. Most objects deserve to be measure in cm without it being too large or too small of a measurement

Thank you for her reply.

For everyday measurement, centimeters are an excellent for tiny measurement and also meters are an excellent for large measurements, but what about in between? What about height. If you say who is 1.7 meters tall, the is not very precise. If you to speak they room 5 and also a fifty percent feet tall, however, that is rather precise.

This is among the just hangups I have actually with the metric system. Feet space so valuable in colloquial state that i am having trouble providing them up for measurement purposes.

My first reaction below is that those carried up with just the metric mechanism do not understand what castle are absent having together a helpful measurement (feet).

edit: just to reiterate, the seems very clumsy to go from centimeters directly to meters because that colloquial use.

in Italy, at least, human being use hectograms (etto). Sometimes when you're getting groceries girlfriend don't want a mezzochilo or a quartrechilo... Un etto or due etti or whatever is a great way come say a hundreds or two hundred grams that whatever.

I (Germany. Metric system.) would merely see it as "unit spam". If the metric system converts nicely, it's tho a need to convert that would clutter stuff. "4.5 decimeters? That's like fifty percent a meter, right?" A superfluous question. Much less is more. That's my feeling. I'd it is in happy with just mm, m, km since they space all 1000-steps, therefore I'd also stop using cm.

Thank you because that your insight as a European- I take into consideration this very beneficial because you were probably brought up through the metric device (and not Imperial).

As I declared in my various other reply, however, my feeling is the you might not know what you are absent out on. I feel fountain of meter to be an extremely imprecise (e.g. Exactly how long precisely is .7 meters?) i feel having actually an intermediary measure (between huge meters and small centimeters) has been really useful in mine life and also I am reluctant to give them up.

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Also, let me state the for many Americans, having an intermediary measurement device (feet) is fully understood. Americans, generally, can automatically calculate length in inches, feet, and also yards really easily. It is not thought about "spam" to us, we completely understand and use all three measurements.


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