Whether her attendees prefer planes, trains or automobiles, it's straightforward to gain to Monterey County for your next meeting or event. Through daily service from san Francisco, Los Angeles, mountain Diego, ras Vegas, Denver, Dallas, Burbank, Orange County, Seattle, Portland and also Phoenix, MRY has actually reach to end 95 domestic and international destinations with simply one connection. 


Carriers Flying directly into Monterey CountyDriving Time From...
Alaska AirlinesAllegiant AirAmerican AirlinesJSXUnited AirlinesSan Jose: 1 hrSan Francisco: 2 hrsOakland: 2 hrsSacramento: 3 hrsLos Angeles: 5 hrs

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Flying come Monterey County

Monterey regional Airport is located simply 10 minutes from downtown Monterey, 15 minutes from Carmel-by-the-Sea, 25 minute from downtown Salinas and also 45 minute from huge Sur.

New non-stop flights now encompass Portland (PDX), and Seattle (SEA). Charter and private flights are likewise available.

Monterey Airbus and also Main occasion Transportation sell convenient door-to-door organization to and from SFO and SJC.

Monterey county by Car

There space two routes to Monterey by car, both an extremely scenic. Highway 1 which operation from mountain Francisco to Los Angeles, provides breathtaking views of the Pacific coastline. Highway 101 runs under the valley corridor and affords the motorist an possibility to see the well-off land that has actually made the Salinas sink "the Salad bowl of the World." 



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