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Average straight flight time1 hr 30 minsCheapest straight return flight$139Flights per week222Airlines the fly direct
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American Airlines, Delta, PSA Airlines, undertaking Air, Piedmont airline As American Eagle, WestJet, Aeromexico and Air France all fly non-stop to Augusta bush Field.
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About Augusta bush Field

Cheap Flights to Augusta bush Field plane

Travelers who book cheap flights come Augusta bush Field airplane (AGS) will land just seven minute from downtown Augusta, Georgia, and be less than 20 minute by auto away from the remainder of the city. The 2nd biggest metropolitan area in the state ~ Atlanta, Augusta provides a variety of attractions native the live music the the James Brown Arena to the excited of the GreenJackets baseball team play at Lake Olmstead Stadium.

Facilities at Augusta bush Field Airport

Flights to Augusta bush Field airplane (AGS), additionally known together Augusta local Airport, are obtainable from Delta wait Lines, Delta Connection and American Eagle. Throughout the terminal, cost-free Wi-Fi is available, and also you'll have access to restaurants and also convenience stores to pick up any kind of forgotten essentials.

Cab service providers based out of Augusta have taxis waiting right exterior the airport's entrance to pick up passengers. Rides to fort Gordon expense $18, and also rides come downtown Augusta are roughly the same. National, Thrifty, Hertz, Enterprise, Avis and Budget all rent cars from within the airport, and also you'll discover those workdesks located close to the former of the terminal. Select hotels in and around Augusta offer totally free shuttles that deliver travelers come those hotels.

Things come Do close to Augusta bush Field airport

Augusta is residence to a female Roller Derby team, a minor organization baseball team and also a rugby soccer club. Part travelers publication cheap flights to Augusta bush Field plane (AGS) to attend The Masters, one of the top four golf tournaments in the world, in ~ the Augusta nationwide Golf Club. The World's richest Drag watercraft Race, one more top, regional sporting event, takes ar on the Savannah River. Society and arts enthusiasts can visit the Augusta Museum that History, the Morris Museum the Art and the imperial Theatre. Other things to watch in Augusta include the Woodrow Wilson Boyhood Home, the spiritual Heart Catholic Church and also Meadow Gardens. Despite the Augusta shopping mall is the height shopping destination in the city, over there are likewise boutiques and also shops downtown.

Travel Tips for Augusta bush Field Airport

Augusta hosts the Augusta Music Fest yearly on Memorial Day, and thousands the travelers flock to the city for this event. In enhancement to searching for flights to Augusta shrub Field airplane (AGS) for the Augusta Music Festival, you might want to visit in September because that Oktoberfest, or you might travel to Augusta in October for the spain Festival and the Greek Festival. Augusta also hosts a autumn Festival and a Garden Festival in ~ the sacred Heart social Center.

Restaurants below serve classic Southern comfort foods like sausage gravy over biscuits, Brunswick stew and chicken and dumplings, however other restaurants offer fresh seafood dishes. Barbecue is additionally popular. A restaurant meal for 2 can selection from under $20 to an ext than $75 depending upon where you go.

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Temperatures in the city variety from highs in the 50s and 60s in the winter to much more than 90 levels Fahrenheit in the summer through high humidity.