At Eat'n Park we want to hire the best and brightest people to help us prosper and accomplish continued success. We likewise want human being who prefer to it is in on a first name basis with our CEO and also just about everyone else from the peak down.

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All of our team members are given growth avenues for success. It doesn't issue where girlfriend start. Our an elderly Vice chairman of Operations, Mercy Senchur, is just one example. She started her career together a server and also over the following 25 years, she relocated up through administration to at some point lead the Eat'n Park brand as our Chief operation Officer.

Mercy's story isn't unique. So many of our team members have actually risen v our ranks. Right here are just a few other examples:


“I started my job at Eat’n Park Hospitality team in 2006 as a dishwasher at the Shaler Eat'n Park, then ns transitioned right into a cook and also finally a Certified shift Supervisor. Ns really delighted in working for the agency and being constantly challenged. That's when I made decision to enter management wherein I worked as an assistant manager two different locations. Three years ago, i transitioned to the Distribution facility as an administrative assistant. I’m now the D.C. Work Specialist and Cookie manufacturing facility Supervisor. Every day is different, and no day gift the same obstacles as the prior. I have constantly taken proud in my job and doing that well, no matter where I’m at. Knowing that world can depend on me and also value my efforts and also opinions is what keeps me going each and also every day.”

- Nick P., Distribution center Operations specialist & Cookie manufacturing facility Supervisor


“I to be hired in ~ the McKnight road Eat'n Park in 2009 together a greeter once I to be 16 years old. I was trying to find a way to to fill evening hours while mine friends were liven with sports (I’m not an extremely athletic!) and also to start making steady money. But, i was hooked top top Eat’n Park! I stayed at the restaurant throughout high school and also college and also then was hired as a Team Smiley intern. When I graduated in 2015, the stars aligned and I to be hired together a Guest relations Assistant in ~ the Corporate assistance Center! It to be such a seamless change since there were so plenty of familiar deals with welcoming me come my new role. Ns am right now transitioning into my next chapter with our Parkhurst Dining division as a Proposal and also Marketing Coordinator! And, I’m the only human my period that I know who can say I’ve operated for the same company for 8 years- talk about bragging rights!”

- Laine C., Proposal and Marketing Coordinator


"Eat'n Park was my an initial job at age 16. I made decision Eat'n Park due to the fact that my mother works because that the agency and castle were an extremely flexible with my schedule. I began in Salad Bar and also was maybe to cross train in the kitchen. After 15 years as an hourly team member, I chose to enter management. It to be a great decision for me. I am now beginning my 20th year through Eat'n Park."

- Mandy M., Manager in ~ the southern Hills village Eat'n Park

Every member the the Eat'n Park family members matters, even if it is you're an hourly, management, or that company Support facility team member.

Where perform you check out yourself installation in?

Click below to find much more information on:

Equal Employment opportunity Statement

Eat'n Park Hospitality team is an equal possibility employer. Hiring, promotion, transfer, compensation, benefits, discipline, termination and all other employment decision ar made there is no regard to race, color, religion, sex, age, disability, national origin, ancestry, marital status, veteran standing or sexual orientation. Employment methods are and also shall be open to every qualified applicants specifically on the communication of your experience, aptitudes, and also their abilities. Development is and shall it is in based totally on the individual's achievement, performance, ability, attitude and potential because that promotion.

Corporate Careers

Eat'n Park Hospitality team Corporate Support facility is the residence base for all of Eat'n Park Hospitality Group's brands.

Our office setting is one the is prefer no other. Us are located in the Waterfront purchase mall a few miles outside of Pittsburgh. Us offer cost-free parking, one onsite gym, riverfront deck, full kitchen, team engagement occasions such as monthly date of birth celebrations, Kennywood day and also office parties, and also our complete benefits package. Benefits include:

Medical/Dental/Life InsuranceVision InsuranceFlexible ScheduleLong term DisabilityCommunity activities and VolunteerismEmployee aid ProgramsTuition ReimbursementPaid Vacation/Paid Time OffFlexible security AccountService AwardsSalary Continuance401K PlanMeal DiscountsPrescription PlanAccess to Training program

The ideal thing is the you gain to tell folks that you job-related for Eat'n Park Hospitality Group, among the most well-respected establishments in Pittsburgh.

The departments at the CSC include:

ITAccountingPayrollBenefitsReal EstateFacilities and MaintenanceMarketingHuman Resources

To see what avenues are easily accessible at our Corporate assistance Center, click here.

Management Careers

Eat’n Park needs individuals who know exactly how to smile and also have fun. Since there’s too many of tough work in the hospitality business, we shot to enjoy ourselves when doing it! If you have a enthusiasm for teamwork and also being affiliated with the community, then you have what that takes come be successful at Eat’n Park. Simply take that from our managment team...

"I began at 15 year old together a greeter, and also have moved my method up into management. There are so plenty of opportunities and incentives in ~ the agency for both hourly employees and also managers. It's pretty to work-related for a agency that important cares about people!"

- sarah H., Natrona Heights Eat'n Park (16 years of service)

"Eat'n Park is cursed to providing breakthrough opportunities through continuous training, an individual development classes, monitoring seminars and tuition reimbursement. Ns was maybe to relocate from the training routine to manager in just over a year!"

- Deborah B., Pittsburgh Mills Eat'n Park (2 years of service)

In order to sign up with our management team you need to have actually either:

1 year the restaurant or food company experience with a college degree


1 year of restaurant or food company supervisory experience

Once you have completed her training, the skies is the limit with how much you deserve to go.

We take it training and also people really seriously. Everyone has actually a distinctive management maintain experience. Depending upon your background and also experience, your administration training period will be in between 7 and 12 weeks. Each monitoring trainee is partnered with an skilled manager together a peer advisor because that a duration of 4 months. Development does not avoid after the monitoring training program. We have ongoing training class designed because that every level of management, and also a mapping arrangement to take you native Assistant Manager come Manager, and also Manager to basic Manager. Ninety-nine percent that our basic Managers are advocated from within.

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Management Benefits

Along through our performance-based salaries, we also have a competitive services package. Our administration team members enjoy terrific health benefits. Several of our benefits include:

Medical/Dental/Life InsuranceVision Insurance401K PlanDiscountsIndividualized administration Training ProgramTuition ReimbursementPrescription PlanPaid Vacation, with alternative to acquisition extra vacation daysLong term DisabilitySalary ContinuanceFlexible safety AccountService AwardsCommunity tasks and VolunteerismClosed Christmas and also Thanksgiving DayOne weekend turn off a month

Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is vital to a long and also prosperous career with Eat’n Park. So, on peak of every the services above, our managers also enjoy one full weekend off per month.

If you space interested in a career in management, please use here.

Hourly Careers

Whether you have previous restaurant endure or not, as long as you deserve to smile and also have fun, we deserve to teach friend the rest!

We desire our team members to be happy and successful. We assistance this score by offering an excellent training, versatile schedules, and advancement opportunities for the complying with positions: server, greeter, buffet person, preparation person, cook, baker, dishwasher, or certified shift supervisor.

But don't take it it indigenous us. Here's what our team members have to say...

"I love working at Eat'n Park due to the fact that of my other co-workers help me out and also being so expertise when I first started. Mine favorite part of gift a greeter is obtaining to create smiles - on customers, and also on cookies!"

- Savannah, Greeter at the Austintown Eat'n Park (6 months of service)

"My monitoring team has constantly been flexible through my schedule while i was raising my children. Then, once my mom was bedridden and also living in another state, my managers never hesitated to offer me time turn off for weeks and months at a time to care for her. Now, I'm a grandmother of 2 (and quickly to it is in 4!). They proceed to work approximately my schedule while ns take care of my grandbabies. I'm thankful because that Eat'n Park's family values and also loyalty."

- Ellen, Greeter, Server, Trainer, and change Supervisor at the McKnight roadway Eat'n Park (18 years of service)

"I gain the functional hours and also having turn off whenever I have something necessary I have to attend. I also get to job-related with my grandma, aunt, and also brother. And also the rest of my co-workers space nice, wonderful people, too! To be honest, i couldn't be happier working with this team of impressive individuals. Eat'n Park is awesome!"

- Mitchel, Cook, Salad Bar, and also Buffet person at the servant (Clearview) Eat'n Park (5 years of service)

Here are simply a couple of more factors to sign up with the team in ~ Eat'n Park...

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Regardless of her position, we offer our team members a competitive benefits package that is based top top minimum hourly requirements.

These benefits include:

Flexible SchedulePaid Time OffMedical/Dental/Life InsuranceVision Insurance401K PlanMeal DiscountsShort ax DisabilityService AwardsCommunity activities and Volunteerism

Additionally, team members are available the opportunity to development their careers with Eat’n Park by beginning our monitoring training program. In fact, over 50% that our administration team began their careers as hourly team members.

We always have room for one more smiling face. Click below to use online. Visit our areas page to find the Eat'n Park nearest you.


At Eat’n Park, we market several exciting internship opportunities. As an Eat’n Park intern, you’ll it is in immersed in our culture while gaining an useful hands-on experience. Our internships encompass experiences on Team Smiley, in ours restaurants, and also at the Corporate support Center.

Team Smiley Internships

Looking for a sweet internship? have an appetite because that adventure? execute you love Eat’n Park?

If friend answered yes to these 3 questions, you might be interested in joining Team Smiley! together a part of an elite team of marketing interns, you’ll stand for a leading restaurant chain and work with the general public in a high-profile role. It’s a good opportunity to get hands-on experience, both in the field and also in the office. Team Smiley interns are the driving pressure behind Eat’n Park’s mobile marketing program and also operate and also maintain Smiley’s Cookie Cruiser – add to they have fun when doing it! our intern team diffusion goodwill (and Smiley Cookies!) every summer lengthy at community and family occasions throughout Pennsylvania, Ohio, and also West Virginia. When in the office, interns occupational hand-in-hand through the marketing room to brainstorm and also develop new projects, execute promotions, and create smiles because that guests and also team members.

Learn more about this interesting opportunity native Team Smiley themselves:

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Become a far better leader, occupational as part of a team, and also experience marketing firsthand all while having fun! come apply, click here.

Restaurant Internships

If you have actually a genuine interest in the restaurant industry, our paid administration Residency regimen (MRP) program is your opportunity to explore career alternatives while earning beneficial experience.

During the MRP, you will be trained in number of hourly departments. After gift certified, in every department, friend will straight the whole team during your booked shifts. Girlfriend will learn cash taking care of procedures, product ordering, and also effective team member management, and also you additionally will suffer guest interactions. Our MRP is ten weeks lengthy (400 hours) and also is modeled after our monitoring training program.


Interns are required to complete a job at your restaurant and also present it to senior leaders. This is an exceptional opportunity come network through executives and showcase your talents. The MRP is only obtainable once a year. Click right here for opportunities.

Corporate Support center Internships

Our this firm Support facility team is comprised of friendly, talented individuals in the complying with departments: IT, real Estate, Accounting, Finance, Payroll, Benefits, infrastructure Maintenance, human Resources, and also Marketing. Our internships vary by department.

What provides Eat'n Park Special

There’s a factor that we’ve been in business for over 70 years: team members who room passionate about delivering a great experience for every guest, every day. We acknowledge that our team members make us who we are, so us strive to support them and also their neighborhoods in any method we can.

Below are some of the ways that us stand the end from the crowd.

Tailored training Programs

Everyone is unique and also every task demands different skills. That’s why girlfriend won’t discover a one-size-fits-all training routine at Eat’n Park. Ours training programs space customized to meet our team members’ demands as they breakthrough through ours organization. Even if it is you space an hourly or a salaried team member, her training is individualized based on your education and work experience. We market over 30 different classes, including however not limited to:

First Aid/CPR/AEDServSafe®Valuing DiversityInterviewing SkillsTime monitoring


Bill Moore (left), our manager of Safety and also Security, teaching a class to team members.

We think that we offer a high quality of training the is over the crowd. Training Magazine believed so too! In 2008, they ranked us amongst the country’s optimal 125 maintain companies.

Team Member Benefits

At Eat’n Park, us pride ourselves on taking care of our team members. In fact, in 2010, the American company Ethics Award regime (ABEA) well-known Eat’n Park as a national award winner because that our commitment come our team members and also our local communities.

Depending on your duty at Eat'n Park, you may be eligible for services such as:

Scholarships and also Tuition ReimbursementPaid Time OffFlexible Scheduling401K PlanHealth/Life/Dental InsuranceVision InsuranceVolunteer & Community activity ProgramsMeal DiscountsExtensive training OpportunitiesOne weekend off per month because that restaurant managers

Click right here to watch benefits accessible for hourly, administration or that company support facility team members.

Sustainability Initiatives

We space a leader in the family dining sector when it concerns sustainability. Company-wide programs aim to alleviate our environmental influence through lowered power usage, diminished waste, and local sourcing.

In fact, the advent of our FarmSource program in 2002 pioneered the creation of the framework needed to obtain local commodities into the hands of our suppliers and onto the plates of ours guests. Through FarmSource, we market fresh fruits, produce, meats, and also dairy commodities that are developed within a 150-mile radius of ours restaurants.


Jamie Moore (left), our manager of Sourcing and also Sustainability, access time Dan Yarnick (right) that Yarnick's farm in Indiana, PA. Yarnick's Farm provides Eat’n Park Restaurants v fresh tomatoes, zucchini, peppers, and also yellow squash.

Inside our restaurants, tiny steps have a big impact. 100% of our trans-fat-free fryer oil is recycled right into bio-diesel fuel. We’ve removed placemats in ours restaurants to maintain trees and reduce landfill space. We use recycled life materials during restaurant construction and also remodeling. And in 2010, we made our greatest move yet: We opened the an initial LEED-built restaurant in the city that Pittsburgh. This Eat’n Park location is packed to the gills with features that boost our energy efficiency and also reduce our ecological footprint. The restaurant also generates several of its own power v a 40-foot wind generator on the roof. Interested? Read an ext about this fix up restaurant here.

Community Involvement

Community involvement is woven right into the fabric of the Eat’n Park culture. We're more than just a business; we're a neighbor. And also as a neighbor, we're specialized to act our ideal to make the areas we serve as strong and crucial as possible. Every year, us donate five percent of ours pre-tax revenue to regional charitable organizations. Working with community partners, we’re able to leverage our sources to raise funds for essential causes. Maybe our best-known routine is our annual Caring for kids campaign, which has actually raised over $10 million for local children’s hospitals end the past 30+ years.

In fact, in 2011, we received the nationwide Restaurant Neighbor compensation from the national Restaurant Association for our fundraising initiatives through Caring for Kids. Our team members have actually poured your hearts right into this campaign, and also to it is in selected from every one of the restaurants in the nation was truly an honor.

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For much more information on just how we get connected with our communities, click here.


We don’t simply make gaue won donations; sometimes, the gift the time is even an ext powerful. Ours team members every year donate much more than 40,000 hrs of their time to causes close their hearts. We support these team members in their efforts with a company-wide volunteer program that enables team members to do time for this necessary work, and also recognizes lock for your service. Many thanks to the dedication of our team members, our volunteer program has been recognized by the nationwide Points of light Foundation, and also we’ve to be a recipient of the Corporate partner of the Year compensation from Pittsburgh Cares.

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Every year, we also like to recognize team members who have actually gone over and beyond in their community by presenting ours Volunteer of the Year award. From over 1,000 dedicated volunteers, we pick one winner who receives a donation on instead of of the firm towards the charity of your choice.


Pictured above: Kayla Frattini, ours 2019Volunteer the the Year Winner.

2019Volunteer that the Year finalists:

Aubriana Henry (Indiana Eat’n Park)Joel Grimm (Clarion Eat’n Park)Autumn Grimm (Clarion Eat’n Park)Michael Riek (Somerset Eat’n Park)Heather Hibala (Corporate support Center)Regina Diana (Avalon Eat’n Park)Magail Heaps (Greensburg Eat’n Park)

Corporate Giving

Throughout the last 6 decades, Eat’n Park’s main point values have actually driven ours growth: provide good dining experiences, good food, and great prices for every single guest while gift a an excellent neighbor in the communities we serve.

We invest at least 5% of our pre-tax income to assistance nonprofit organizations. We’re passionate around leveraging our dollars and also resources to boost our Communities- One smile at a Time.

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We assistance a wide range of causes, however our 3 primary areas of philanthropic focus are:

Supporting household wellness and also fitness
Providing access to healthy and balanced food and also education about food choices, an especially for kids
Enhancing the resides of army veterans and their families


We are constantly striving to exceed our guests' and team members' expectations. Click here to examine out just some of ours awards.