The serial numbers on the framework under the crank is K58846. Researching western Flyer BIcycles I uncovered that there to be not just one agency making them through the years. West Flyer was the brand of west Auto it is provided stores. Western Flyer readjusted the color of each version from year to year together with using serial numbers to determine the year and also model of every bicycle. Price when the west Flyer bicycles to be being created from the 1930s come 1950s, they marketed for around $75. OLD west FLYER bicycle HORN TANK FROM guys 26" design WITH HORN. I might be wrong msg me and i will certainly send friend serial numbers Western Flyer Galaxy Flyer.

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Murray Bicycles headbadge

Murray to be an American firm whose legacy are now owned through Briggs & Stratton and also Dorel Industries. The this firm brand is a descendant the the Murray Ohio manufacturing Company, which produced bicycles and lawn and also garden equipment.



Bicycle manufacturing

Murray Roadster

Murray Ohio production Company was started in 1919 to make fenders, fuel tanks, and also other car parts.<1> The agency was started in Cleveland, Ohio, and the Cleveland factory was unionized by the unified Auto employees (UAW) and also AFL–CIO. In the mid-1930s, the company began production of bicycles, mainly for the youth market. Other commodities included pedal cars and also electric fans. Till 1939, Murray manufactured all of its products for branding and sale by various other manufacturers, particularly Sears, Roebuck & Co. Native 1939 through 1942, Murray make the body parts for the Crosley automobile.


In 1939, Murray presented its Pacemaker series Mercury bicycle at the 1939 new York World"s Fair. Styled through the commercial artist and also designer, Viktor Schreckengost, the centralized machine, with fancy diecast metal headpiece, to be finished in black, chrome, and polished aluminum, the deluxe version of the Mercury Pacemaker line. However, the Mercury was an expensive bicycle, and sales were few. The was developed only in restricted numbers until 1942, when the war stopped consumer bicycle production.

After the war, Murray ended up being known together a manufacturer of low-cost bicycles, and placed its very own brand on part products. Because the 1930s, Murray had actually been creating bicycles that, when stylistically different, imitated design by various other U.S. Manufacturers, consisting of Schwinn and also AMF. This occasionally brought Murray right into legal problem with competitors, as when Schwinn filed against Murray because that duplicating a Schwinn knurling and machining procedure on that is rims.<2>

Most Murray bicycles were because that the youth market, often featuring one-piece steel Ashtabulacranksets and also internally brazed frames using inexpensive seamed or straight-gauge stole tubing. These low-cost parts and materials undercut the price of Murray"s competition, selling countless bicycles (often through retailer names) to room stores, hardware stores, and general retailers. Schrekengost styled more than 100 largely youth bicycles for Sears, western Auto, Firestone Tire, and other retailers, consisting of the Spaceliner, west Flyer, and Firestone. By modifying chain guards, luggage carriers, lighting, handlebars, and also truss rods, Schrekengost gave each bicycle a distinctive look at while retaining the very same welded tube structure design.

Like that is competitor, American maker and Foundry (AMF), Murray left Cleveland in the 1950s and moved its factory and also assembly tree to the American South, picking a factory site in Lawrenceburg, Tennessee, through corporate headquarters situated in Brentwood, Tennessee.<3> initially a non-union plant, the Lawrenceburg facility started operations in 1956, and over the next few decades, the complex grew to become one the the largest facilities of its form in the united States: 42.7 acre (173,000 m2) under roof. One of its much more famous former employees is previous Senator Fred D. Thompson. The later came to be a UAW tree (1991), and also produced both bicycles and also lawn and also garden equipment.

Youth bicycle manufacturing received a rise with the 1965 introduction of Murray"s variation of the small-tired, banana-seat, wheelie bike pioneered through Schwinn, the Murray Wildcat. The Wildcat was additionally styled by Schreckengost, who gave it his own interpretation the a chopper motorcycle, with high-rise handlebars, a high sissy bar, and a flared behind fender. A collection of models followed, consisting of the Eliminator, Firecat and Hotshot. In 1977, again following a youth trend, Murray presented its BMX model.

During the 1980s, in an effort to overcome declining sales, Murray started selling that is bicycle heat in lower-cost mass market stores and also discount chains such as Target, K-Mart, and Wal-Mart. While the practice permitted the agency to boost sales of in its entirety units, revenues failed to satisfy expectations as a result of diminished margins applied by massive retailers. Additionally, numerous independent bicycle certified dealer (IBDs) resented the brand-new competition, and in retaliation part dealers refuse to stock or encourage Murray bicycles.

In June 1988, the Murray Ohio Manufacturing agency was acquired by the british investment group Tomkins plc. In 1996, Murray Inc., the last major U.S. Bicycle producers v Huffy Bicycle and Roadmaster (formerly AMF), received a significant blow when U.S. Court ruled the imports indigenous China were not a "material threat" come U.S. Companies.<4> Within 3 years, Huffy, Roadmaster and also Murray end manufacture of bicycles in the joined States.

In 1998, Murray relocated bicycle production from Lawrenceburg to a non-union manufacturing facility in Mississippi. Manufacturing of every U.S.-made bicycles stopped in 1999. In 2000, the Murray brand was got by Pacific Cycle, a U.S. Distributor of bicycles developed in Taiwan and the People"s Republic that China. Murray has since been used as a brand for imported Chinese bicycles marketed by Pacific Cycle. Pacific Cycle to be later obtained by Dorel Industries.

Lawn and garden equipment

Murray likewise manufactured lawn and garden equipment. In June 1988, Murray was gained by Tomkins plc of good Britain. In 1993, the new company purchased the Noma brand of lawn and garden equipment. It manufactured under a range of brands, consisting of for various other companies. Murray made all "502" and "536" version prefix product the was sold under the Craftsman surname at Sears. (AMF and Western device made "536" product as well, yet they were soaked up by Murray). Murray licensed the Stanley brand and also produced lawn and garden mowers and also snow blowers offered at Wal-Mart and also other retailers.<5> The makers were constructed at the former bicycle basic in Lawrenceburg.

The Murray brand was gained by Briggs & Stratton in 2004. On august 30, 2005, Lawrenceburg created its last lawnmower, closeup of the door on September 30, 2005.<6>

Brands owned by Murray

AMF (American machine & Foundry)<7>Dynamark<7>Dynamark Plus<7>Murray<7>Murray Classic<7>Murray power (Sold in ~ Mills Fleet Farm and AAFES (Army & Air pressure Exchange Service))<7>Murray Pro<7>Murray Select<7>Murray Ultra<7>Murray 2000<7>Noma<7>Noma Cady Plus<7>Noma Performance<7>Noma Signature Series<7>Sentinel (sold in Europe)<8>Stanley (under license)<7>TurfMaster (sold in Meijer stores)<7>Ultra<7>Yard King<7>Yard King Elite<7>Yard King Performance<7>

Brands constructed by Murray

Agway<9>AL-KO<10>Bertsche<7>Bestgreen<7>Cast<7>Dynastar<7>Eaglestar<7>Ering<7>Eumot<7>Flandria<7>Granja<7>Hako<11>JardiPro<7>JC Penney<7>Lawn General<7>Lowe"s<7>Masport<7>NESI<7>PowerPro (for Kmart)<7>Quality (for quality Farm & Fleet)<7>Quality Pro<7>Ronz<7>Scott"s (sold at home Depot)<7>Sentar (for Univert)<7>Statesman (for Southern states Cooperative)<7>Tempo-Trac<7>Texas<12>TTI<7>Turbogreen<7>Unilux<7>Uniropa<7>Victa<13>Wizard (for west Auto)<7>

Financial status

1986: Murray to be purchased by Tomkins PLC of great Britain.2000: purchased by Summersong Investment, a Chinese-backed company.<1>2004: Filed bankruptcy, whereupon engine manufacturer Briggs & Stratton gained the Murray brand surname for usage on lawn equipment. Briggs & Stratton likewise owns Simplicity Outdoor.

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Serial number on bikes are usually uncovered on the part that holdsthe crank eight to the bike

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Western Flyer bicycle Serial Number chart Printable

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Western Flyer bicycle Serial Number Chart

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