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I cannot find information on several items concerning stucco.1. What is a common unit load for stucco?Is that the very same as for concrete?2. Exactly how thick is stucco normally placed?Is 7/8" thick the end of the ordinary?3. Is there a limiting deflection for headers that assistance stucco walls?Is it similar to the for brick lintels (l/600)?Any aid would be appreciated." special stucco weighs 10 psf.(per Timber construction Manual, AITC)
delt...Good traditional stucco (portland cement plaster) is walking the method of dinosaurs.That"s unfortunate,because it have the right to be terrific surface finishing material.True stucco (without lath) need to be put in 3 succeeding layers known as the scratch coat (this is the stronger one, placed very first and deeply scored to reason initial, closely spaced cracking), the brown cloak (less cement in this layer for this reason the aggregate imparts a "brown" tint to the mix..this layer likewise has much less shrinkage than the scrape coat and also absorbs some of the shrinkage stresses, therefore reducing (at least theoretically) the crack at this level.These two layers are followed by a end up layer, comparable in mix character to either the scratch or brown, relying on desired finish texture.The adhering to layer thicknesses space used:scratch-3/8"brown-3/8"finish-1/8"-1/4"If utilizing lath, the thickness can be lessened to around 5/8" total.The unit load of stucco is around the exact same as concrete/grout/mortar.Somewhere in between 120 and 140 pcf.This puts the worth at around that i beg your pardon JAE gave, probably a bit an ext depending top top mix ingredient weights.I would limit deflection come l/600 as brick.Also, be sure to accommodate overall shrinkage with appropriately spaced joints. Refer to ASTM C926-98a "Standard Specification for application of Portland Cement-Based Plaster".
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