I check out on stores the they have actually a sign that states `Se habla espanol`. From an initial glance I would certainly think the it is saying "It speaks Spanish". Just how is it unambiguous that it is speak "*We* speak Spanish"?I think that "We speak Spanish" would certainly be `Hablamos espanol`. Room these both agree translations?

Se habla español is more directly translated as "Spanish is spoken". The se+verb construction in this example is the "passive se" construction, wherein the direct object (in this case, español) is the topic of the sentence. This building is used a many in order to express something there is no a human being subject. Many human being translate this type of building and construction using "we" due to the fact that it is an ext of a general "we" and also does not refer to a specific human subject.

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Escribir una expresion del error absoluto de la siguiente expresion:

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