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To anyone in the mood for cheering up prefer I necessary today, below is Fairy Tail: Steel. Simply go back an illustration to see Air.

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Levy Mcgarden and also Gajeel Redfox didn’t specifically get off to a an excellent start…but they have actually come a long way since that first fateful encounter. However is friendship enough for the 2 mages? It will take rehashing the past and a many working toward the future to number out even if it is they space destined to continue to be by every other’s side or…to component ways forever. Collection sometime after ~ Tenrou. Gajevy

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The complying with is the very first chapter of my fanfic Dragon’s Light: )

Metallic Pain, Crimson Eyes, and also Shadowy figures ordering her death. The iron bite of her very own blood on her tounge as tough hands…

Levy Mcgarden shot increase from she bed v a startled shriek. Sweat soaked her body together the young manuscript mage hugged she knees and rocked, willing she panicked breath to slow. Just a nightmare, the was simply a nightmare.

“Levy? are you alright? Juvia thought she heard a shout.” Juvia’s voice sound from the various other side the Levy’s door at Fairy Hills, attach by a tenderness knock.

“I…I’m fine Juvia! many thanks for check though! I’ll see you in the morning?”

“Sleep fine Levy-san.”

The manuscript mage let out a relieved sigh as she heard Juvia’s retreating footsteps. She had actually no desire to speak at the moment. Raise gazed the end at the twinkling stars past her bedroom window as she resumed the familiar process of forcing her body come a state of calm. She was safe. Nobody was going to hurt her. Whatever was so really different from as soon as Phantom Lord struck Fairy Tail…from once Gajeel…

Levy smacked her forehead as if hoping to physically derail that details train the thought. Gajeel was her Nakama now. Because their an initial unsavory encounter, the large Dragon Slayer had redeemed self a dozen times over…not simply to her guild, but to raise personally. Why, Gajeel had saved her life many times and also even volunteered to be her companion for the S class exam! She had not only laughed with him, yet cried for him together well. Eventually, her breathing calmed and also Levy shivered as the sweat coating she body dried in the cool night air.

Back in control, levy frowned. It was true that ideal after the attack, the dream had actually terrorized she night after ~ night. Return she preferred to think she’d hid it fine from her guild mates, Levy had been an pure mess. She’d dealt with a consistent battle v fatigue and paranoia as a an outcome of she attempts to remain awake in the vain hope of maintaining the night terror at bay. She hated to admit it, yet looking back; raise was details she’d been on the cusp that a breakdown. Then… to make matters worse, master Makerov unexpectedly took the upon self to invite Gajeel right into Fairy Tail. Levy almost lost the precarious host she’d maintained on sanity appropriate then and also there. By some miracle, she organized on…barely. Levy was amazed she’d managed to stupid everybody right into believing she was just fine and also dandy once she had actually been noþeles but. Raise grinned, possibly she was a better actress 보다 she thought.

Eventually, v time and her ever-decreasing fear of the iron Dragon Slayer, she concerned realize that Gajeel involvement the guild was more than likely the finest thing that can have taken place to her. To she utmost shock, his actions and presence aid her heal from the emotionally trauma the strike inflicted. Being compelled to challenge her fears in the flesh permitted Levy to realize the they to be not quite as all an effective and insurmountable as her mind would have had her believe. Gajeel became a male again, quite than the unconquerable villain of her nightmares. The far better Levy got to know Gajeel, the much less the dream occurred and the more she had the ability to heal until she’d assumed the nightmare banished forever. The script mage frequently wondered if helping she heal had actually been Master’s true motivation for inviting the Slayer right into the guild every along.

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So why now, go the terrors all of sudden resurface? thinking back, the critical time she had actually the nightmare to be the eve before Grimoire Heart attacked during the Exam. She shuddered. Once it was fear of Gajeel that motivated the dream…but that fear no much longer existed…nor had actually it when they went to Tenrou island. Can it be the the dream had actually somehow morphed right into an omen of imminent doom instead?

“Gah!” raise smacked at she cheeks. Such dark thoughts would just invite trouble. She was a smart, well read Script Mage…she knew better than to entertain together silly ideas as Dark Omens. Somewhat ironically, Levy had actually the sudden urge to uncover Gajeel. She pinked, biting she lip in embarrassment. She would never admit it of course…least of all to him, but Gajeel had somehow morphed into something that a defense blanket because that her. The very person who had actually once led to her so much pain, now brought about feelings the safety and wellbeing. Simply sitting alongside him, or learning he was near, put Levy in ~ ease. Even more surprising was the truth that he didn’t seem come mind having her around. Which to be saying something, considering the man had actually a habit the discouraging nearly everyone and also their mommy from attempting a friendly advance. A speed of fangs here, a murderous glare there…and a nice fist come the challenge when some poor soul proved an especially annoying. Yes, the male had emerged repelling unwanted attention down to a well art. And also yet through Levy…he always seemed to make concessions.

He was she friend…and he was no a monster. She knew that. Perhaps it was just her human body that periodically seemed to forget…remembering just the pain and forcing the old nightmares to resurface. Raise sighed, flopping earlier onto the bed in a sprawl. No one besides herself and Gajeel knew what actually happened that night. . And also they had never spoken a word about it, not to others and also certainly no to each other. Reality be told, until a few months ago, Levy had actually not even been able to remember the totality of the incident…only garish flashes and also horrifying summary images…probably an unsuccessful attempt on her mind’s part, to protect itself. Levying traced a faint scar on her wrist, pondering. Perhaps she was ultimately ready come revisit the past. For the an initial time, Levy allowed her psychic remember, in full, the night so really long ago…