During their last night in Miami, Sammi and Ronnie clash, Pauly and Vinny to speak goodbye to your dates, and also a fight breaks out at dinner.

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Julissa Bermudez hosts together the roommates reunite to speak hookups, brawls and also bromances the went down during their time in Miami.

Sammi and Ronnie develop a rift in the house when they protect against Sunday dinner, Vinny involves Deena and also Snooki"s rescue, and the crew heads the end for a night ~ above the boardwalk.

Deena and also Mike invest some high quality time together, Sammi renders amends through the girls, and also Snooki it s okay arrested when she"s caught drunk in public.

Deena brings residence a Ronnie look-alike, Snooki gets the end of her post-arrest funk with the perfect juicehead, and also things acquire ugly because that JWoww as soon as she start spending time with an old friend.

Vinny brings residence a girl v an overprotective family, the emphasize in the residence boil over as soon as Sammi the cross the line, and also Mike diffusion a rumor about Deena.
Snooki meets a new guy with a shady past, the ladies take a pilgrimage to a sex shop, and Pauly makes tranquility with the well known Danielle.
Sammi and Ronnie"s connection explodes together Ronnie destroys Sammi"s stuff, leading her to wonder whether she should stay at the house.
Sammi spends time v her family, Vinny and also Pauly begin a prank war, Snooki hooks up v a acquainted face, and Deena i do not care a slopopotamus.
Snooki and also Deena take it an unexpected ride, Mike has actually a party for one as soon as the guys ditch him because that dinner, and Sammi provides her means back to the house.
Snooki"s feelings because that Vinny gain complicated, plumbers discover a nasty surprise in the house"s clogged toilet, and also the Meatballs get their revenge top top Mike.
Pauly and also Vinny take it a road expedition to visit family members in Staten Island, JWoww gets suspicious of Roger, and also Sammi find herself in the center of a new fight over a guy.
Vinny it s okay his ears pierced, Pauly strikes the end at the club, and Mike causes trouble in the home when that airs Sammi"s dirty laundry.
Danny has actually an end-of-summer barbecue v the crew, JWoww and also Roger do it official, and also the roommates speak goodbye come the house.
The crew reunites to discuss all the drama native their second summer in ~ the shore, including Snooki and Vinny"s friendship v benefits, JWoww"s brand-new relationship and also Mike"s meddling ways.
The roommates gain their passports ready as they collection off because that a expedition to the motherland, yet acclimating come Italian society proves to it is in more daunting than they thought.
Pauly fears hooking up v Deena would damage their friendship, the roommates start a new job together, and Mike makes a confession to Snooki.
Ron and Sam rekindle your relationship, Deena pulls the ultimate robbery ~ above Mike and Vinny, and also Snooki captures wind of the rumors Mike has been spreading about their alleged hookup.
Deena pertains to blows v the men over a prank, Ron and Sam fall back into old habits, and also a confrontation between Mike and Ron conveniently gets out of control.
Mike"s injuries send him come the hospital, Ron and also Sam concerned terms about the future of your relationship, and also Pauly deals with an unwelcoming regional at the club.
Snooki find it tough to it is in herself around Jionni, Pauly and also Vinny take on new personas, and Vinny measures in as Ron and also Sam proceed to controversy over their relationship.
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