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Genre: Animation, Family, FantasyStarring: Jennifer Hale, Christopher Daniel Barnes, Susanne Blakeslee, Tress MacNeilleDirector: open minded Nissen include Favorite

Storyline: Lady Tremaine gets she hands top top the Fairy Godmother's wand, climate turns earlier time to the work Cinderella tried on the glass slipper. She enlarges the slipper come fit one of the stepsisters, ...

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The Mist (2007) Following a violent thunderstorm, David Drayton, leaves his wife, Stephanie, at residence while the ventures right into town v his eight-year-old son, Billy, and also their neighbor, Brent Norton, come buy gives for repairs. Showing up at a gr


Terror in the household (1996) 15 year old Deena Marten desires the same flexibility every teens craves. However when she can't have actually her way, she rebellious temperament erupts in violence. Her parents, Cynthia and also Todd, are afraid her new boyfriend, Garret, 17, is t


Ghost Punting (1992) The "Five happy Stars" (Sammo Hung, Shui-Fang Fung, Charlie Chin, Richard Ng and Eric Tsang) are ago again, this time caught in the middle of their an initial paranormal experience. They effort to help a ghost (Pak-cheung


Genesis: The Creation and the overwhelming (1994) one all-enveloping darkness. Suddenly, a child's voice, frightened, questioning, pierces the darkness... The first flickering light ray of light begin to sculpt mysterious shapes out that the darkness ... Amongst them

The death Zone (1991) years ago, Sam Bodine barely survived his very first encounter v Mexican drug kingpin Carmen Vasquez, and when Sam's nephew Garrett Bodine went after Carmen because that it, Garrett was sent out to prison for assault. Now,Sam operation a hangout

Flashout (2019) FLASHOUT (90 minutes) SYNOPSIS: within a room habitat in a parallel universe, three young women play the blind day reality video game InterMate in order to endure the euphoria the the ...

What Goes up (2009) What renders a hero? January, 1986. Campbell Babbitt is a reporter because that the new York World, composing a series on a woman who turned the grief of losing a son into civic acts. He falls in love v her, and also when she commits suicide, he

Imperfections (2016) Cassidy Harper (Virginia Kull) is a struggling actress resting on her mother's couch (Marilu Henner) and grinding the end auditions, fearing that any kind of chance in ~ stardom may have already passed she by. No hope to save enough money t

The Perfect Soulmate (2017) A poetry blogger through an abusive husband turns to one of her fans for support, however she begins to uncover that she's uncovered an even an ext dangerous companion.

Bride of the Wind (2001) Vienna, 1902: Alma Schindler meets Gustav Mahler. She beautiful, young, plays, and composes: music is she life. She becomes Mahler's lover, climate he marries her, asking the she offer up composing. She has actually two children, functions a

Scum (1979) one uncompromising story of life in a British juvenile offender institution in the 70's.

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15 minute of war (2019) In February 1976 in Djibouti, a school bus to be taken hostage in ~ the Somali border. The GIGN is sent out on the spot, ~ 30 hours of stress a rescue procedure is organized.

The mexican (2001) Jerry Welbach is given two ultimatums. His crowd boss desires him to take trip to Mexico to acquire a priceless neck pistol referred to as "The Mexican" or that will experience the consequences. The various other ultimatum comes from his girlfriend Sa

Der grüne Bogenschütze (1961) an English business man comes residence to London, just to discover visitors come his house being eliminated by arrows from "the eco-friendly Archer."

Whats Up, Doc? (1972) 2 researchers have concerned San Francisco to complete for a research grant in Music. One appears a bit distracted, and also that was before he meets her. A strange woman appears to have committed her life to confusing and embarassing him.

George Takeis Allegiance (2016) Allegiance illuminates one of American history's lesser known chapters together it speak the story of Sam Kimura, transported earlier nearly six decades to as soon as his younger self and also his sisters Kei combated to stay associated to th

Wildfire (1988) since they met the first time in boarding college as small kids, the was apparent that the orphans Kay and also Dave would come to be a couple. Yet at sixteen, Dave foolishly attempted to plunder a financial institution with a water pistol, and ended up in jail for

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