Si Robertson is one American-born television personality. Apart from gift a household man, the is additionally a retired duck-call maker, retired soldier, hunter, outdoorsman, and also preacher. He has actually featured in number of shows and has obtained lots the fame.


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Silas was born on April 27 1948 in West Monroe, Louisiana. Exactly how old is Si Robertson? that is 72 year old together of 2020.

The TV personality is the boy of James Harold and Merritt B Thurman-Hale. Si Robertson brothers are 6 in number.

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The former soldier studied at north Caddo High School, whereby he was wonderful football player. After high school, the enrolled at Louisiana tech University but dropped out quickly afterwards.


Si Robertson gives the command to begin engines throughout pre-race ceremonies. Photo: kris GraythenSource: Getty Images

There is no better way come talk about Si Robertson military career without pointing out his achievements. Si to be drafted into the united States armed forces to join the Vietnam War quickly after dropping out of Louisiana technology University.

In 1933, he retired from the military having actually attained the location of a sergeant, very first Class. He is well-known for his outstanding company in the army with a stand demonstration in the Chennault Aviation and also Military Museum.


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Upon retirement from the military, Si gained employed by his brothers at Phil's Duck commander business. He played a far-ranging role in cultivation the service drawing from his enthusiasm for the job.

Si considers this a somewhat simplified job-related as depicted in Duck Dynasty. His time in ~ the A&E fact television show titled Duck dynasty as uncle Si was pivotal in shaping the rest of his acting career.

He was among the many famous personalities in the show and gained accolades across America and from various other lovers and fans of the show. He has likewise starred in the A&E series, walking Si-Ral, which was aired in between November 2016 and January 2017.

Si Robertson wife and children

Is Si Robertson married? Yes, he has actually been married because that over 43 years. That is Si Robertson wife? The love of his life go by the name miss out on Christine.


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Their marriage was blessed v two impressive kids. Si Robertson children are Scott and also Trasa. His boy Scott take it after him and was drafted into the U.S military where he completed eight tourism in Iraq.

However, he was diagnosed through post-traumatic stress and anxiety disorder and also had to action down from the army at a younger age. Si Robertson family has been supportive that Scott and to other veterans who experience from different problems post-war tours.

Si Robertson daughter, Trasa, is just one of Si's most favourite people in the world. He has talked about her a dozen of times in interviews and stories. The considers she a role model and one the the many talented world in the family.

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Si Robertson participates in pre-game ceremonies for the Duck Commander freedom Bowl. Photo: Stacy RevereSource: Getty Images

Si Robertson net worth

His functions at the military, coupled with his exhilaration career have paid turn off bountifully. How much is Si Robertson worth? His network worth is approximated to be around $8 million. Si Robertson house, cars and also the success that enjoys in the mirrors he has starred in are enough proof that his wealth.


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Si Robertson is a living legend and a role model to many across America and also the human being over. The man has developed a brand together a go-getter and one who will not work out for less than what he think of himself.

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