The youngsters in course 1 in ~ Ysgol Bro Carmel Nursery and also Primary institution in phibìc Wales have actually been learning all about dinosaurs this term. The class teacher, granny Metcalfe emailed whatever Dinosaur and explained the as part of the diverse and also varied teaching programme, the eager, young palaeontologists had actually some questions about Diplodocus because that us. A Diplodocus had been spotted in the institution yard and the kids had been writing instructions on exactly how to catch this long-necked dinosaur. Might Everything Dinosaur offer some assistance?

Diplodocus on display at the Natural background Museum (London)


Diplodocus on display screen in a museum, this long-necked dinosaur is proving to be very popular v the class 1 children at Ysgol Bro Carmel.

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Answering Questions around Dinosaurs and also Diplodocus

What did Dinosaurs Eat?

Palaeontologists can work the end what die out dinosaurs preferred to eat by feather at their fossilised teeth. The shape of the teeth can tell a scientist a lot about the kind of food the dinosaurs ate. The this of Velociraptor space sharp, pointed and also curved. This says that Velociraptor to be a meat-eater (carnivore). The teeth of Diplodocus room a very different form when compared to the teeth of the fearsome Velociraptor. Diplodocus only had teeth at the prior of that mouth, these this were thin and looked choose pegs.

Comparing the this of a Meat-eater (Velociraptor) come the teeth of a Plant-eater (Diplodocus)


Comparing the teeth of the carnivore Velociraptor come the herbivore Diplodocus.

Picture Credit: everything Dinosaur from original illustrations by Michael Skrepnick and also Zhao Chuang

Diplodocus was a plant-eater (herbivore), this dinosaur more than likely spent most of his life eat plants.

How is Diplodocus various from Brontosaurus?

Diplodocus and also Brontosaurus were carefully related. Both to be plant-eaters and also they most likely liked to eat the same varieties of plants. These long-necked dinosaurs resided in the so late Jurassic and their fossils have been uncovered in the same nation (United states of America). Diplodocus was different from Brontosaurus in a number of ways, Diplodocus had actually a much much longer tail and its neck was longer and an ext slender 보다 Brontosaurus. Brontosaurus was more than likely much heavier than Diplodocus.

Similarities and also Differences between Brontosaurus and also Diplodocus


Brontosaurus compared to Diplodocus.

Picture Credit: everything Dinosaur

How big is a Diplodocus?

We have detailed some information about the dimension of Diplodocus in the snapshot above. Have the right to the kids work out exactly how much longer Diplodocus was compared to Brontosaurus? Why have actually we put a snapshot of a human next come our two dinosaur illustrations (above), can the kids think choose scientists and also come up through the answer?

How could We trap a Diplodocus if it was Alive?

Trying to trap a Diplodocus can be rather dangerous, after all, this plant-eating dinosaur was much bigger than any kind of land animals alive today. The youngsters have more than likely come up v some amazing ideas and suggestions. You can dig a big pit and cover it with tree branches then chase the Diplodocus towards the hole, if the Diplodocus dropped in, it would probably acquire stuck, so long as the hole to be deep enough. However, this might hurt the dinosaur, so perhaps instead of trying to force the dinosaur to shot and perform something, it could be much better to persuade the to involved you.

Since Diplodocus essential to eat a many plants, course 1 could perhaps guide it to come and visit castle by placing out few of its favourite food. If the children accumulated lots and lots of ferns (Diplodocus more than likely ate approximately 200 kilograms of plants every day), filling a purchase trolley v Diplodocus treats, could persuade the dinosaur to come and also visit the children in the playground.

Attracting Diplodocus into the Playground by offering Some of its Favourite Food


No need to catch a Diplodocus, shot attracting it right into the playground by leaving out some of its favourite food.

Picture Credit: every little thing Dinosaur

People tempt dinosaurs into their gardens every day, also though they more than likely don’t realise they room doing this. Birds room so carefully related come dinosaurs, that we must not contact birds “birds” in ~ all. Lock are “avian dinosaurs”. If you have actually a bird table at your school or in your garden you have the right to watch dinosaurs feeding. Inspect out the feet ~ above birds favor the sparrow, thrush and also blackbird, they have actually claws just like a dinosaur and they go on 3 toes as with Tyrannosaurus rex!

How lengthy is the Neck of a Diplodocus? just how Long is the Tail the Diplodocus?

A complete fossilised neck of Diplodocus has never to be discovered. All the bones that comprise a tail of a Diplodocus have actually never to be found. As soon as you visit a museum and also see a spectacular placed skeleton choose “Dippy” the Diplodocus which offered to it is in on display screen at the Natural history Museum (London), the skeleton girlfriend see consists of the skeleton of several individuals put together to make a solitary exhibit. Absent bones space made together models and added to the skeleton to make it look at complete. Most palaeontologists think the Diplodocus had approximately fourteen or fifteen neck bones and the neck measured about eight metres long. A infant Diplodocus had actually a relatively short neck, as soon as it flower (as much as we know, every dinosaurs hatched from eggs, just like birds today), together the Diplodocus grew, that neck gained longer and longer. The whip-like tail that Diplodocus was longer than that neck. Size estimates for the tail the a Diplodocus are daunting to make, but Everything Dinosaur’s fossil experts suggest the the tail that a fully-grown Diplodocus might have been approximately fourteen metres long, that’s much longer than a Badminton court!

Comparing a Diplodocus to big Land pets Alive Today


Diplodocus compared to pets alive today.

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Picture Credit: every little thing Dinosaur

Our thanks to every the children in course 1 at Ysgol Bro Carmel Nursery and Primary School, us hope our answers to your questions aid you v your hatchet topic.