On among the illustration of Viva La Bam, he it s okay married come a letter order bride from russia, does anyone know if they room still married? What matters is what you"re doing. No what they"re doing.

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more than likely not, but they can be***************************************"my woman thinks ns fuckin one of her finest friends and if she keeps bein gay about it im goin to fuck this girl cuz im exhausted of hearing it"-Lanemeyers-sticks and snow will certainly break my bones and i will bleed profusely-"theres like, a buttload that gangs in this school. This one gang maintained trying to get me to sign up with cuz ns pretty good with the bowstaff."-Napolean gunpowder

ummmm im certain it wasn"t real....********************************************************************** my Hardy Boys space killing me... It"s no mystery! *NS Skateboarders Cult*

Yea ns t was simply a set uo for the show she was really from Russia however thats it!! Left ~ the shotting to be finishedPete is right now sulking approximately Mt. Hood, shoot with bad Boyz Productions and hitting on Kristi Leskinen. She hates guys, Pete lamented, so it’s no going good. Reportedly Canada isn’t the only thing that’s challenging for Pete to acquire into. -kamikaze
the display is funny however everything"s so set up.. They really never have actually that much fun.. However yea they no really acquire married.. Ns think that was just scripted for the one episodeNS thinker
that present used to be funny now its simply moronicmember#13687"i just rented great will hunting , just how is it?""lets put it this way, even matt damon cant do it suck.""matt damon? hes in con wait right?""yes , correct he is."
ns personally would hate come live mine life prefer that, therefore messed up. Specifically vito, what a pathetic loser, all he does is eat and comlplain•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••strangers passing in hte street by chance two different glances meet... And i to be you and also what i watch is me
ns reallllllllydoubt theyre with each other at all. And that present is awesome. I dont think yes sir anyone the doesnt great they could get far with some of the ingredient he traction on his parents.East shore Skier Who requirements pants when you deserve to rock the shorts all year?
i HEART DON VITO and also HIS LOVE for VEAL SCAMPINI"ugh ns hate youngsters like friend who always ski backwards on your double sided skis while ns snowplowing"- NewSchool450"ski boards are like communism, lock are good in theory yet in truth they simply dont work-related well."-winterkid33"and I"m prefer fuck you guys, I"m walking skiing (cartman style)."-davidh

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^^ the happened below hahahah this man ordered this not negative blonde russian and married her and also after a year or 2 she left him and also took many of his money and also is now living in toronto hahahha"dont jizzz in a hot bathtub youll have sperm the size of salmon in a week." -Astomp17My time is winding down.............just wait for it