Unlike height and also weight, which civilization have a great sense about based on typical items, viscosity is much harder to describe. Viscosity is one of the most essential parameters in the advancement and modeling of applications that involve liquid flow, yet it is among the most complicated properties to complete understand and also even more complex to apply.

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You can quickly say the a 12 feet long sandwich is double as lengthy as 6 feet one, yet may take it a while come think what sort of liquid is double as viscous as honey—not come say the preliminary question, what is the viscosity that honey?


Viscosity is identified as "resistance to flow" and also is regularly referred to as the "thickness" that a fluid. To rest viscosity under into simple examples think the water (a short viscosity fluid) and honey (a high viscosity fluid). This simple meaning can it is in confusing when we start looking in ~ fluids with different densities or measure up viscosity across a broad dynamic range .


At a molecular level, viscosity is the an outcome the interaction between the different molecules in a fluid. This deserve to be likewise understood as friction between the molecule in the fluid. Similar to in the situation of friction in between moving solids, viscosity will identify the power required to make a fluid flow.

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In the table below, we have contained some viscosity instance of typical fluids. This is much from a substantial list, yet should be useful to understand some idea to begin with.

Approximate Viscosities of typical Materials (At Room Temperature-70°F)
MaterialViscosity, cP
Water1 cP
Milk1.5-3.5 Cp (fat free, 2% and also whole milk)
Blood2.5-4 cP
Protein Therapeutics Samples2 cP-over 1,000 cP
Castrol Oil1,000 cps
Karo Syrup5,000 cps
Honey10,000 cps
Chocolate25,000 cps
Ketchup50,000 cps
Mustard70,000 cps
Sour Cream100,000 cps
Peanut Butter250,000 cps

Now we know that the liquid chocolate is twice as viscous together honey—though this may vary based upon brand and flavor.

Ready to dive a small deeper into viscosity measurements? Read much more about how viscosity is measured, types of viscosity, or the numerous viscosity applications, or call us to speak to among our rheology experts!