Velocitation Definition

Have you ever before driven ~ above a highway reasoning that you room going with the circulation of traffic, just to unexpectedly realize the you’re walking a lot faster than friend thought?

Or have actually you ever exited the highway onto local roads and felt choose your vehicle was crawling? This phenomenon is called velocitation.

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Velocitation is the propensity to consciousness your present speed as slower than it actually is. What happens is that your eyes gain used to the rapid speed that the images they room processing.

In this way, your mind becomes accustomed to travel at a fast pace. Velocitation means your capacity to judge the rate at i beg your pardon you are traveling is temporarily impaired. This happens when your psychic has become desensitized to your velocity.

Velocitation is different from highway hypnosis. Highway hypnosis is a phenomenon that reasons you to go into a trance-like state if driving. The is akin to operation on autopilot.

For example, as soon as you have actually been driving for a while and also suddenly realize the you nothing remember driving the last 50 miles. Highway hypnosis happens when your brain is lulled by the monotony the the road, the repeat of the white lines, and the sound of the motor.

Fatigue is the most common reason. Both highway hypnosis and also velocitation space dangerous, yet different, phenomena.

Why Is Velocitation Dangerous?

Velocitation is dangerous since it can cause you to take trip at a much higher speed than you intend to or realize. Car mishaps at high speeds have the right to be deadly, or result in disfigurement or severe injury.

The nationwide Highway traffic Safety administration (NHTSA) figured out that accidents on highways are 5 times an ext likely to an outcome in fatality than crashes that take place on local roads v speed boundaries under 40 mph.

Speeding reduce your capability to steer safely around curves and objects. Also, your brakes space less qualified of stopping your car at quick distances. Your airbags and also seatbelts are less effective and also can even be dangerous at an extremely high speeds.

You are putting yourself, her passengers, and others at risk as soon as you are not mindful of how fast you space going. At the really least, you might end up with some steep penalty for traffic offenses if you are caught.

How can I avoid Velocitation?

The best means to stop velocitation is to remain alert and frequently examine your speedometer. Velocitation wake up most throughout long, monotonous drives, when your brain has a likelihood the “checking out.”

So check in through yourself to make certain you are continuing to be aware and present if you room driving. Take it a break as soon as in a while to clear your head and enable your eyes and senses to readjust. Shot to prevent staring too far off into the distance on an open up road.

And make certain to arrangement frequent stops on lengthy drives. Get out at a remainder stop and also walk approximately a bit, or take a nap if you uncover yourself spacing out.

Are there Penalties because that Velocitation?

If you drive over the posted speed limit and get pulled over, you can be encountering serious consequences. A police officer go not desire to hear that you didn’t know how quick you to be going.

Charges for reckless control or speeding will result in points on her license, high fines, enhanced insurance premiums, and possible jail time. Clues on her driving record, dubbed demerit points, will remain for at the very least two years.

You could voluntarily take a for sure driving course to earn safe driving points and also offset the demerits. However, you can not earn safe driving point out if a court orders girlfriend to take it the course. If you finish up with too many points on your record, her license may be suspended, or even revoked.


Speeding is a three, four, or six-point violation, and also the points will continue to be on her driving document for five years.

A violation that the speeding laws with aggravating factors, such as hazardous lane changes, could also result in a charge of wild driving, a class 2 misdemeanor. Penalties for a class 2 misdemeanor are up to 6 months in jail and a maximum good of $1,000.

Reckless Driving

Reckless steering is a criminal violation in Virginia. It is identified as driving that puts one more person in danger of injury or death, or intimidates property.

Other tasks may likewise land you with a reckless driving charge, such together speeding ~ above a highway. If you are pulled over for driving over 85 mph, or 20 mph end the rate limit, friend will usually be charged with reckless driving.

It is a course 1 misdemeanor in Virginia. Reckless steering convictions deserve to come v jail time approximately a year, a maximum penalty of $2,500, and also six point out on your driving record. A charge for reckless driving will continue to be on her Virginia driving record for 11 years.

Even if friend live the end of state, the charge may follow girlfriend home and also hit you v license suspensions, surcharges, or penalties. Her attorney may have the ability to have your reckless driving charge lessened to improper control or speeding relying on the facts of your case.

Improper driving is a lesser traffic violation v a maximum punish of $500.

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Get assist from an proficient Virginia web traffic Attorney

If you were charged v violating Virginia website traffic laws, you are dealing with high fines, point out on her record, increased car insurance premiums, and also possibly also jail time.

You need an competent attorney to aid you obtain the best possible result for her case. I specialize in website traffic tickets and also misdemeanor defense, specifically reckless driving.

Contact my firm to schedule your initial consultation and also speak come me directly around the details of her case.