Blimey. The Vampire Diaries goes out v a bang and a game-changing expose for the following season. Check out Caroline's testimonial of one eventful episode here...

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By Caroline Preece | January 15, 2013 | | comments count:0

This review consists of spoilers. 

3.22 The Departed

Wowsa. There’s certainly a lot to get through this main on The Vampire Diaries, v The Departed seeing virtually every character maimed, killed, virtually killed, or killed and also revived, prior to it settles under for a familiar, yet still exciting, fourth season tease. The illustration itself is actually an extremely uneventful compared to last week, yet that’s the pattern the show has created over the years, v the big finale in reality coming the week before the more subdued season ender.

Instead of occasion by event, I’ll go v the illustration by character, as if you’re anything prefer me, the critical 15 minute left you quite perplexed by the entirety thing. I’ll start with Klaus, Caroline and also Tyler, whose fates space even much more intertwined than usual this week. Last week, Klaus was desecrated and taken away because that hiding, yet Elijah soon comes to Elena through a proposition. Despite Damon is wisely against trusting an additional original, Elijah has always been pretty loyal to his word, and also the corridor decide come hand over the body through the promise the he won’t be woken up throughout her or her children’s lifetimes.

But Alaric is quiet hanging around, and also still top top a mission to wipe out the vampire race, he promptly stakes Klaus in the heart. Presumably, this method that our entire cast would die together with him, so after part awkward good-bye phone-calls (I’m no surprised Elena’s phone ran out of vapor part means through), Stefan, Damon and Caroline just sit tight, desperately hoping that Klaus was lying when he asserted to it is in the head of their bloodline. One character offered no together grace to be Tyler, however, and he and Caroline endure an excruciating farewell before he dismisses she from his death scene.

But it’s revealed throughout the last moments the Tyler (or at the very least his body) is actually alive and well, explaining his urgency once trying come send Caroline away. Bonnie, who Damon unwisely left alone v Klaus’ body previously in the episode, has actually sacrificed Tyler for the stays of her friends and also family, swapping your bodies just in time because that kick-off. Go this median Tyler is dead? Klaus, with Tyler’s significance inside the him, was staked, but the fact that the initial vampire is alive and also well elsewhere way that no one of the other personalities needed to it is in sacrificed. Caroline, currently on the operation from the pitch-fork delivering townsfolk rallied by Alaric (yes, really), has actually no idea, yet should probably be pleased that her 2 love interests have now to be combined.

But these occasions leave Bonnie in a very precarious position. Have actually the writers finally determined how much their audience hate her? Bonnie ending up being next season’s large bad might be a little bit the wishful thinking, but wouldn’t making her a villain alleviate the hatred of she character somewhat? She’s been gaining darker and also darker this year, resenting she friends more and more, and also switching to the dark side would actually do a many sense for her character. And also what would certainly the remainder of the team do without Bonnie to save the day v a spell? What if castle were in reality protecting themselves from their previous witch-for-hire?

I wasn’t sure what to make of Matt in this episode, either, as he’s an ext present this week than he has been in years (maybe ever?). Though us were told Elena would be choosing in between Damon and Stefan prior to the season end, ns couldn’t have been the just one reasoning that a connection with loyal, supportive Matt would certainly be quite healthy and balanced at this junction. The flashbacks revealed just how troubled their previous dating life had actually really been, but present day Matt was in reality the most hell-bent on conserving his friend, once everyone else had actually all however abandoned her while lock tried to figure out their very own situations.

But the big story of the week, the season, and the whole show, has been the love triangle. Constantly a bit more complicated than the comparable Twilight love story, her selection is an in similar way between the supportive boyfriend and also the dangerous, yet passionate, bad-boy. She’s to be stringing both along for years, and fans are practically equally split between the two boys. However after all that, the decision is a tiny underwhelming, and doesn’t really feel clean-cut. Her factors for choosing Stefan are very wishy-washy, practically citing obligation and a feeling of security for her choice. She never ever actually turns down Damon, either, informing him that, if just they had actually met first, she could love that more.

While that can sound like a ludicrous argument, it’s actually a very well-placed line that would certainly go on come dangle a carrot in former of ‘Delena’ fans over time for next season. Together Damon fights v Alaric numerous miles away from Mystic Falls, he passes out and remembers his very first meeting with Elena, hours prior to Stefan saved her native the automobile wreck. Attracted to her, similar to Stefan, through the striking same to Katherine, they have a quick chat in which the tells she the kind of connection she craves, all-consuming and also full of danger, prior to compelling her forget the entirety thing. She did meet Damon first, and also that truth will certainly effect she decision next year.

Deciding to protect herself instead of difficult to the deal, Rebekah heads turn off to death Elena, hence wiping the end the Alaric threat and also letting her live she life. We favor Rebekah, for this reason it’s unlikely people will hold this against her. Top top the very same bridge on i m sorry Elena’s parents died, she cd driver the car off the road, and also Matt and also Elena end up stuck underwater. Previously in the episode, Damon described the fundamental difference in between he and also Stefan, stating that, while Damon would fairly Elena be alive than love him, Stefan is the other means around. Quite than conserve Elena native the car wreck first, he does together asked and also saves Matt. He’d quite Elena be dead 보다 hate him because that letting Matt die, which is a little bit messed up.

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But, deep breath, the final twist discover that, after ~ her fall at the end of last week, Dr. Dropped fed Elena vampire blood. Lie in hospital in a really Bella Swan-like fashion, Elena wakes up, signalling a significant fourth season shift. Elena is now a vampire, and when your main character changes that much, the show alters with her. I, because that one, can’t wait to check out what the writers can come increase with, together we shouldn’t forget the Elena will now get all of her obsession memories back.

So, a final body count has actually Alaric dead, Tyler dead, Klaus alive, Elena a vampire and Matt undecided. That’s fairly a lot come fit into a 40-minute episode, yet it’s what The Vampire Diaries does best. See you next season!