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Hi:Another of Unc"s guns:Browning A5 light Belguim with a 28" barrel through one star top top it,*. I would rate this gun as in brand-new condition. I doubt if it has been fired. That has been in the cabinet because that a lengthy time. It has dried oil top top the barrel that should clean up because that a new look. The remainder of the total is choose new! it is stamped St. Louis and also Montreal. What is the worth of this gun?TIA,Franchi
It has a solid rib and it is stamped BELGUIM,, there is no cite of made IN JAPAN ~ above the gunTIA,Franchi
Blue book only reflects a FN model and also a FN Vent Rib for the irradiate 12. You speak it is a heavy rib, so i don"t understand if the FN design is a hard rib. Wouldn"t make feeling for a lighweight pistol to have a heavy rib. Anyway, in 100% condition, the FN design is valued at $725, and the vent rib design is $1,050. Add 10% for brand-new in Box. For 98% condition, it"s $600 and $875. The value relies a lot on what part of the country you space in, for this reason it might be precious more/less where you are.

Does the gun have actually a gold trigger? What is the serial number range? walk the serial number complement the barrel number? Is the safety and security forward the the create or behind it? walk the stock have actually a ring knob or a flat grip? go the sculpture say "Light Twelve"?Let united state know and we will certainly be may be to assist you.

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More about the A-5It has actually a serial variety of 402XX. All numbers matched, it had actually a rib, no yellow trigger, POW grip, ring knob together their Superposed, stamped Belgium. Ns tried to look the gun increase in the 2002 Blue Book and also I assumed that it to be mfg. In 1937.The pistol is currently 300 miles away in Roanoke, Va. Yet I will be earlier to see the total in 12 days with cleaning supplies.I hope the this helps! Kindly store the information as I want to get an ethical price for Unc.TIA,Franchi

DOM is 1927. The is a Standardweight. If over there is no engraving on the receiver, that is a class I. If it has actually line engraving in a floral pattern, the is a class II. Her gun predates the advent of the Browning Special version that is often confused with the also later Lightweight Model. The one-of-a-kind was offered with both a hard rib (hollow) and a vent rib.
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