Your little helper: A straightforward diagram that may help you to settle malfunctions in her TBI vacuum system.

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applies to
ModelL03 (5.0L) and also L05 (5.7L) TBI engines

Maybe you know the problem: I"ve thousands of pages the wiring diagrams, but only one incomplete vacuum diagram in negative printing quality. If you search the net or look at her repair manual, you"ll discover stuff like this:


The picture only shows the vacuum lines the belong to the emission regulate system. Following problem, if you have no idea just how an EGR Solenoid or MAP Sensor watch like, you could have trouble finding the parts at your car.

This might aid better:


The vent harbor of the EGR Solenoid is the short and smooth terminal. Carry out not attach any kind of vacuum or press line to that port. Store it open.The EVAP Canister (Vapor Canister) in this diagram has actually the purge valve enclosed (left side, two lines attached) to the canister. Numerous cars have the purge valve seperated.


Comment from: Dan

If no one has ever before told you…..Great job!!! amazing idea really helpful.

08:06 pm
Comment from: Garth

The Red fancy Vac lines room a strict plastic form that will not collapse once under a high vacuum. They likewise become an extremely brittle end time and heat cycles and crack.

Anyone understand where to discover these species of plastic currently to change them?

08:02 pm
Comment from: Aaron

I have actually a 1995 350 the driver side valve sheathe a water tap going to a feet dont know name of part that walk in the hole. There is oil sparing all over under hood. Have the right to you please help me?

07:20 am
Comment from: christopher mathus/russell

thank girlfriend this was what ns was needing to check out you earned a 10 the end of 10 v me

11:21 pm
Comment from: Luke

You’re an pure legend, say thanks to you!

12:58 am
Comment from: John

What does it mean with that green line to tank? Thanks

06:18 pm
Comment from: zapp
Aaron:You have actually a TBI? The hose have to go from the valve cover to the TBI (to the spacer between TBI body and aircleaner). If it’s messed up through oil in ~ this location, friend should check if her PCV is clogged.

John:The eco-friendly line is the vent line that goes to the tank. You have actually three lines attached come the tank: fuel line, fuel return line and ventilation. The vent heat is absent on cars through ventilated gas tank caps.

03:09 pm
Comment from: bubs

Due to a cam adjust I am quick on Vacuum in ~ idle.Is there a means to include a vac pump in the device to fix this problem. I turned the idle up and it runs great. But I have rpm top top cold start quicker than ns like.Any advice would certainly be lot appreciated! thanks for looking.

03:25 am
Comment from: George Elliott

Why hasn’t my question posted?

10:31 pm
Comment from: Frankee

Thank girlfriend so much! This is mine 5.7 tbi diagram! first correct diagram for my vandura!

04:00 am
Comment from: zapp
George Elliott

I’m sorry, I’m a little lazy reviewing the comments and sort out the “buy viagra", “buy addidas", “Trump is the best president ever” comments…I promise, I’ll inspect the comments an ext often.

10:45 pm
Comment from: Alan Grafnitz

87 tbi I’m structure up push in my gas tanks and also gas is coming approximately the fuel evaporative canister and flowing the end the waiting vent ~ above the canister, was analysis a point that called me I could plug the purge line and also the tank line to bypass the canister, however that renders the gas circulation out the gas fill caps,,,,when you open up the hat ,,, deserve to you help me please

08:36 pm
Comment from: Steve

This is the only site to give sufficient clear information and pictures to recognize I was installing this sytem earlier correctly. Say thanks to you for the details.

09:32 pm
Comment from: NotUsedToAmericanTrucks

This is the only chart I’ve uncovered in 4 days that helps. Ns didn’t also know the surname of what I damaged before. Give thanks to you.

08:21 am
Comment from: Narciso gomez


01:22 am
Comment from: 1987gmcjimmy

1987 GMC Sierra standard Jimmy 5.7 TBI, 4x4. Where does J and A line course to if over there is no emissions?

08:27 pm
Comment from: Steve O

Good her illustration to be awesome never seen nothing like that i wish I had something like that from mine 87 Corvette convertible it’s to be hacked and also I am having trouble through the emissions lines

07:24 am

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