Janet Jackson arrives because that a screening that "Tyler Perry"s Why did I get Married Too?" in brand-new York. AP photograph

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new YORK — Janet Jackson unleashes she anger in one over-the-top, dramatic and staggering method in the latest Tyler Perry film, "Why walk I get Married Too?” yet Jackson, who portrays a self-help psychologist in a struggling marriage, defined that she’s expressed it s her that means in genuine life, too.

"One time i did,” she said. "Not to that extent. ... I’ve thrown one thing.”"It was an extremely therapeutic, I had the ability to release in such a way,” Jackson continued."It’s good. It appeared to me that you had rehearsed it before in your own life,” Perry said.Perry said Jackson used an individual experiences to fuel the pain her character attempts come hide in the film."The selection that she was reflecting every day to be this emotional roller coaster, and it’s every on film,” Perry said. "Everything she was going through, everything she’s ever before dealt with in relationships, it mirrors up on she face and in her work. Ns think human being get a actual personable glimpse native what she did on film.”Jackson’s portrayal seems personal because it occurred at a an individual time because that the singer-actress. "Married Too” was set to begin filming the week her brother, Michael Jackson, died.Jackson, 43, stated she took few of the film’s intense moments off the set, despite she preferred to leaving them there."There were moments once I definitely brought it home, and not really wanting to, yet you do and then at some point you unwind. That becomes really draining,” she said.The film, which opens in U.S. Theater today, complies with four couples reconnecting ~ above their annual vacation-reunion. Jackson’s character, Patricia, recently released a self-help book, however won’t aid herself through addressing the troubles in her own relationship.Perry plays terry in the film’s very first installment — 2007’s "Why go I get Married?” if real-life couples may discover from the dysfunctional bag in the film, Jackson and Perry aren’t interested in giving out marriage advice."Never been married,” Perry claimed pointing come himself, then pointing to Jackson, "Twice divorced. You desire to questioning us?”"Yeah, not a an excellent thing,” Jackson said.Perry stated he isn’t certain he’ll produce a 3rd chapter of the film however joked that us will check out him and Jackson together again."We’re walk on ‘Dancing v the Stars,’” the laughed.

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"I’m kidding, I’m kidding. No, I’m kidding.”