Two distinctive lines intersecting each various other at 90° or a appropriate angle are called perpendicular lines.

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Here, abdominal is perpendicular come XY because abdominal and XY intersect each various other at 90°.


The two lines room parallel and also do no intersect every other. They have the right to never be perpendicular to every other.The two lines are intersecting each various other at an acute angle. So, they room not perpendicular.The lines are not intersecting each other at ideal angles.

Properties the perpendicular lines

These lines always intersect at right angles.

If two lines room perpendicular come the exact same line, they are parallel to every other and will never ever intersect.


Adjacent political parties of a square and a rectangle are always perpendicular to each other.

Sides that the right-angled triangle enclosing the best angle are perpendicular to every other.

Real life examples

We can observe plenty of perpendicular currently in genuine life. Some instances are corner of 2 walls and also the Red cross symbol.


Fun Facts

The word ‘perpendicular’ has actually its beginning from the late center English i m sorry exactly method “at best angles”, native Latin ‘perpendicularis’, ‘perpendiculum’ definition “plumb line” and from ‘perpendere’ whereby ‘per’ method “through” and also ‘pendere’ method “to hang”.

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The perpendicular present are constantly intersecting lines yet intersecting lines space not constantly perpendicular to each other.