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Hey all!! I"d like to understand if any kind of one has ever before attempted come disable the work time to run light attribute in the VW beetles.I"ve got two Beetles through this feature that i cannot stand.Not to cite the wear top top the lamp this reasons by to run anytime the E-brake is released..So does anyone understand if this feature can it is in disabled with ease ?Or has actually anyone do the efforts it?I recognize that when the E-brakes are released the lights come on.So ns wonder if its miscellaneous attached come the E-brake bar or if the funtction can be turned off somewhere else.Thanks in advance
There is a how-to on this, I think it"s as simple as insulating among the pins (#7 ns believe?) top top the headlight switch.
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While im in the concern asking mood.. Has actually anyone watched a great place to acquisition a chiltons or a haynes manual on the brand-new beetle?
Get a hands-on from Bentley publishers-way far better than haynes or chiltons. To disable the DRL girlfriend will need to pull the switch and either bend ago or ice the B or TFL pin(one of lock will do it). Then placed the switch earlier in. You can want to gain a euro switch to offer you much an ext control over her lights too....
Get a manual from Bentley publishers-way much better than haynes or chiltons. To disable the DRL friend will need to pull the switch and either bend back or ice cream the B or TFL pin(one of them will carry out it). Then placed the switch ago in. You could want to gain a euro switch to give you much an ext control over her lights too....
While the How-To talks around the pin an approach for the irradiate switch, this never ever worked. The fool proof and also harder method is to obtain under the dash and also remove relay #173, traction it apart and also put tape in between the actuator and it"s contact, then put it earlier in. This relay controls the DRLs and the Brake warning irradiate on the dash, eliminated the brake irradiate does not light up nor do the DRLs -- if that"s suitable, climate you don"t must "mod" it. Ns did this about 4 months right into owning my automobile (nearing 3 years ago) and I"ve never had a trouble with the mod.
What perform you median the pin an approach never worked? Am i hallucinating then that my DRLs are off? Why would certainly I desire to mess through the relay once there is no need??
let me clarify: ns never had any type of success v it. I"ve additionally seen where some Jettas, even with tape on the pin, still have actually the DRLs come on. It"s no a perfect equipment to me, by any type of means. Disabling the relay, however, operated fine. And it always will work. The a bit an ext work, but, I never ever take the relay earlier out. I have actually removed my headlight control switch *a few times* to fix the cables that result in my aftermarket fogs. It"s all on the user and the car, try the pen method, if that fails, hack the relay.

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Thanks for the clarification...Sometimes native come throughout wrong :lol: ns do understand that the pen is different for various years. Many people have the tfl pin work for them but mine only functioned with the b pin.
so this is love. I believed it to be indigestion!
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