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English ax or phrase: trust NO MAN
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na +11.焉可信人 2.岂可随以信人 3.不轻信别人 4.人别轻信别人 5.勿信人 6.不要轻易相信他人Geoffrey song (X)



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Explanation:According to various styles/occasions, friend can pick from any one of the following: 1.Ancient Chinese: How can a human be trusted? 2.Ancient Chinese style: How have the right to a human be reliable haphazardly (easily)? 3.Modern Chinese (direct): perform not to trust others. 4.People, carry out not to trust him/her. (This is a video game in ABCDBA style.)别人(other people, or man), 人别is (people perform not). 5.Adage/Proverb style. 3 valuation also. (Trust no man.) 6.Modern, direct, long yet full in meaning. Do not to trust others easily. something please call me. Give thanks to you.Geoffrey tune (X)PRO pts in pair: 16

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Explanation:This is the translate in of "Trust no MEN", in GB coded streamlined Chinese. (Maybe this is not suitable for TATTOO purpose.) gold ViewChinaLocal time: 04:56Native speaker of: Chinese, EnglishPRO pts in pair: 63

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