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left hand subject on left hand wheel studs

left hand subject on left hand wheel studs

Bevans6 (Automotive)
This is a question that I have actually tried hard to uncover a legit answer for, i hope you can help.It relates to large vehicles with stud centered wheels, where the typical practice is to use left hand thread studs on the left had side of the vehicle.The common wisdom is the there is a self-tightening action from having actually the lug nuts ~ above a counter-clockwise transforming wheel tighten in a counter-clockwise direction,, but it is pertained to the taper (or ball) seating that the lug seed onto the wheel, since washer layout lug nuts used with later hub focused wheels use the an ext common right hand taper every the means around the vehicle.So the question is - what is the engineering reason for making use of LH studs ~ above the LH next of the vehicle, and what is is physical phenomenon that is causing a taper seat lug seed to require this when a washer seat lug seed doesn"t?thanks really much, Brian
I have actually wondered myself why some vehicle makers go this. The Chrysler Valiant (in Oz) was like this - very awkward undoing the wheel nuts if you didn"t recognize they were left-hand threads. Walk any firm still usage this system?
A totality lot don"t do it and they have no serious concerns with wheel falling off, for this reason at ideal it can be viewed as an extra expense and complication to solve a no existent trouble while producing a brand-new problem because that non suspecting owners once the need to change a wheel.

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I doubt it has actually nothing to carry out with lug seed type.Maybe the more modern washer styleis just accompaniedby more modern-day theory,(that the Coriolis impact is too tiny to concern about)?It"s definitely an ext trouble 보다 it"s worth.
A couple of of the pre battle theories made it write-up war.One of i beg your pardon is the left hand object on the wheel cap screws (Chrysler assets in my experience).Like has been posted, my dad called me the was due to the fact that in the at an early stage cars the left side wheels tended to loosen in use.Dunno.Never assumed too much around it...just pleased the it"s no longer a problem.However---This is for those of you that have actually owned and/or raced pre war and also post battle MG"s---They did have a nasty small habit that loosening the left behind axle nut (RHT) allowing the drum to come off, BTDT!Some later Ford/UK car had troubles with the LF nut backing off due mostly to a faulty stamped "tang" washer and also improperly pack wheel bearings, additionally BTDT!Of course, on the various other hand, a LHT axle nut might have brought about the bearings come seize from gift overtightened???Well, possibly not together I never ever had any problems with appropriate side axle nuts.Live lengthy enough, own and drive enough miles in old (pardon me, VINTAGE) cars and your sure to discover the developed in/design flaws.I never had a wheel loosen since of LHT/RHT OEM design, old or newer cars.I simply chalk it approximately "lack of enough knowledge/customary design" of the times.Times as soon as if "X" would most likely work okay, climate let"s go "2X" just to it is in on the for sure side.Bean counters nightmare?Rod
Q: What is the engineering reason for making use of LH studs on the LH next of the vehicle?A: as you alluded to, the is as result of the idea the self-tightening that the threaded fasteners native rotation that the clamped (but almost unclamped) components.Q: What is is physics phenomenon the is bring about a taper seat lug seed to require this if a washer seat lug nut doesn"t?A: None.As FoMoCoMoFo stated, nut-washer assemblies room newer and also it has been found over time that left hand threads do not administer enough value/benefit for the effort/cost involved.
As an AA patrol and oncea business manager in the Commercial car sector I have seen a number of vehicles to be the wheels have actually come loosened and lost from the left hand rear wheel station. Even with the correct torque setup wheels will certainly still come loose on the left hand side of the vehicle. This esp discovered on irradiate commercial vehicles in other words 3.5t come 7.5 tonne.
Rod, I had a huge Healey the stripped the splines top top the LF cable wheel; as soon as I"d placed on the brakes, the hub would stop, the wheel would not (it do an "interesting" noise!!!).It had (as ns recall) LHT"s ~ above the left next of the car.If it didn"t, as soon as my spines stripped, the knock-off nut would have actually unscrewed the first time I put on the brakes.Could this kind of endure be the origin of this practice?
Probably not, Ross.I think I"ve checked out LHT top top the lug bolts of a pretty beforehand 20"s car...Plymouth/Dodge, maybe?I did have actually the LR wheel of my 50 TD come turn off once.Stopped v the hand brake and also walked back to choose up the shoes, springs, etc.Put it all back together and also continued on.Ahhhh, the great old days.In 1962, the Lucas electrics failure on our 58 MGA coupe in between Heber and Snowflake AZ (look it up) and also taped 2 flashlights to the roof...and...continued on...Life"s small ups and downs, eh?Rod
"the Lucas electrics fail on our 58 MGA coupe"Go on!Not really?!LOLIn every fairness, I have to say none of my Brit cars ever before had the usual Lucas issues.Brit motorcycles, that"s a different story...
Maybe the Coriolis result does work on bolts that aren"t tightened enough? friend still perform see these still in exercise on some contemporary vehicles, but most passenger cars tend to simply use a common thread this days.Wheel bolts on passenger car (only point I tinker on) the come off, usually are because of the wrong torque used, not correct bolts being provided (wrong angle for the centering bit, too quick thread part) or stripped threads in mine experience. Civilization do underestimate the importance of the exactly torque being applied on bolts in mix with actors alloy wheels. Deformation of the rim and also metal fatigue in the bolts leading to bolts loosening and shearing is more than likely too complicated for auto mechanics and owners.
On the few dozen alloyed wheel vehicles I have known the clamped interface surrounding the bolt/stud is "solid metal." hence all the "stretch" occurs in the bolt.Steel wheel on cars frequently (but not always) have actually some arch or contour close to the bolt that puts the bolt/nut seat on a plateau or mezzanine increase in the air, similar to a belleville washer. Http:// as soon as thing space tightened the arch flattens together the wheel deforms elastically.Since keeping preload ( one of my best friends) requires that the lot of stretch much exceeds the potential embedment, etc, alloy wheels would seem to have actually a much better chance of becoming loose over time than usual passenger vehicle car steel wheels.Tire shops often have a standard note on their invoices saying cars through alloy wheels have to be changed for re-torquing in XX days/miles. The Sears organization writer lookedat the sculptured plastic manufacturing facility hubcaps maintained by the lugnuts on my mom"s Honda and told me I had actually to come earlier for a re-torque, and also stamped my receipt accordingly.
Funny thing happened on the way to success in the Japanese cool Prix in ~ Suzuka last night...Seems the a couple left behind wheels came off throughout the race....Hmmmmm !!!Rod
Formula 1 wheel nuts have a locking mechanism and also are single centerpiece items. If the device fails, inertia alone would make it feasible for them to come undone. True, there are similarities to the multi-bolt setups because that passenger cars, but I don"t think it"s a same comparison.
These two reports to speak Kubica shed his ideal rear wheel -
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