Hand stitched real leather buckles. Each buckle comes with one steel prong. If you would prefer multiple prongs, please feel cost-free to request so top top checkout.*Please note that dimensions refer to the length of the buckle"s opening. If you measure the broad of your belt, that will tell friend what dimension buckles friend need.View our leather buckle shade guide.

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great Find

post by Ernesto Cabrera on 15th Feb 2019

I to be so happy I uncovered this site. This has been my 3rd purchase. Ns look for expensive vintage trench coats i beg your pardon usually have actually their buckles worn, or I just want to readjust the look. The leather buckles I've to buy here have actually been fantastic. Castle fit perfect are genuine leather, space beautifully constructed and look an excellent on the garment. I highly recommend this buckles and also buttons. Ns will absolutely shop here when I discover my next vintage coat or a new one the I just want to adjust its look.

good item in ~ a really reasonable price and also SUPER speedy delivery

posted by Ash Rosenberg ~ above 16th Sep 2018

I have been looking for replacement buckles for my trench coat for over a year and could not find any that fit mine wrist cuffs ANYWHERE, consisting of online. After a casual find a pair of mainly ago, i stumbled throughout this site and am so happy that i did.Placing an bespeak was really easy and also the communication with Rosa to be effortless; she was very helpful. And because the buckles to be so affordable, I could afford come buy a full spare set. The point that impression me the most was how fast it every was. The order was shipped out on a Friday indigenous the US and reached me in the UK top top the adhering to Tuesday! AMAZING! Even an initial class in the UK deserve to take much longer than that!Won't hesitation to introduce this website to others!

animal leather buckle evaluation

post by Carole Jones top top 10th Aug 2018

very happy with purchase. The buckles are just what i wanted. Thank you

Perfect item in ~ a great price

posted by Anthony Grasso ~ above 17th Jun 2018

Needed a new buckle to change one the cracked on mine raincoat. Clearly didn't want to need to go without or buy a new coat for something so minor. This buckle was the perfect size at a very reasonable price. My regional tailor sewed the onto the belt for a few dollars, great fix because that a quite coat that was otherwise in terrific condition. Quick service, too.

inexpensive and beautiful

post by agapi top top 12th Mar 2018

I provided the buttons to replace the same old ones for the sleeves of one old burberry raincoat The suitable perfect and my coat looks favor brand brand-new nowThey re inexpensive but they re very great quality friend can’t also tell the distinction Their website is full of various items ns am looking front to update my old clothesI obtained the order appropriate away

Superior--product and also service

post by Ted Cox top top 21st Feb 2018

The leather extended buckles were just what i want--stylish and superior quality. The customer company was an extremely pleasant and extremely helpful. Will certainly recommend this high quality product merged with superior customer organization to anyone. TC

Perfect trench cloak buckles

post by Kimberly on 5th Feb 2018

My dry cleaner destroyed the buckles on mine Jcrew symbol trench coat. Ns contacted Jcrew however they don’t offer replacement buckles. Very sewing I uncovered these! They room absolutely perfect and there room several color options, therefore I readjusted the color to one ns like even better. Ns couldn’t be happier!

an excellent replacement buckles for my vintage Burberry coat!

posted by ann Wilson top top 23rd Apr 2017

I have actually a much-loved Burberry cloak which to be looking old rather than vintage because of the ear on the buckles.This was the just site I can find whereby I was able to order same-size leather-covered buckles to replace them with.A swift expedition to my local dry cleaner/repair shop and the coat watch great! great product which I would recommend.

great source because that buckles

posted by man B on sixth Apr 2017

Product exactly as stated, arrived timely, an excellent price, large selection. Not sure I'll it is in going to a retail keep again for buttons/buckles uneven I need to have immediately. Only reason not 5 Stars is web site a bit clunky to pick & order. Overall an excellent experience that allowed me to replace a leather belt buckle on a standard trench coat.

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watch great!

post by Odette in Toronto ~ above 15th Mar 2017

Purchased this buckle in black color to change the plastic fake horn one on mine trench belt, in order to match the buttons I likewise purchased native barisalcity.org. Adhered to the measuring instructions top top the site and the buckle fits perfectly. An extremely happy v this purchase. Upcyled mine coat's look and also quality, economically! Win/win. Many thanks barisalcity.org.