I think y’all understand by now from my consistent posts on Tory Burch, follow me with all of my OOTD posts, that encompass her pieces, that I’m a substantial fan of whatever Tory Burch. In mine opinion, the quality of her shoes are the finest out there, and the layouts fit all kinds of foot types. I’ve had actually lots of reader email and also comment around different shoes, asking how they fit. Here, I’ve check to offer you a better idea of how all of these shoes run (and that i personally own), for this reason you can take advantage of the sale, running with this weekend. Just a side note, everyone’s feet space different, for this reason this is just my take on exactly how these pair of shoes fit, others may disagree, based on their foot shape, and that’s entirely okay.

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RevaSeen above in Black and also Party Fuchsia.
Fit: True come Size.
I wear an 8.5.
The Reva is the standard Tory Burch flat. It constantly will be. It’s so renowned that throughout most of this sales, they’re often excluded. Luckily, v this sale, they’re included, with totally free shipping! If this is your first pair, go through a classic color, either the black or the imperial tan. Either color will obtain lots of wear. And also just an extra top up, because the Revas room rarely had in these sales, size will offer out fast!
Seen above in Dust Storm and also Camelia Pink (more light tan, 보다 pink in mine opinion, which ns like)Fit: True to Size.I wear an 8.5.These right a lot like the Reva, at sight comfy. Many people claim that they’re more comfortable 보다 the Reva, yet I love both just the same. The Reva has an elastic back, the Caroline walk not.
Seen over in evening Sky.Fit: runs a little Small.I wear a 9, but could still obtain away through an 8.5.

EddieSeen above in Flamingo Pink/Flame Orange.Fit: runs Small.I wear a 9.These space already significant down, therefore the 25% off would be in addition to the revenue price.

Thin Enamel flip FlopSeen over in Tan.Fit: operation a tiny Small.I undertake a 9.These space a good pair that neutral flip flops. I provided to undertake Rainbows and Havaianas, yet neither space as comfortable and as water-resistant, together these.

KaileySeen above in Iced Coffee/Bleach.Fit: runs a small Small.I stay a 9.Love the bows on this pretties. Plus, they’re already significant down, so the 25% off would be in addition to the sale price.

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ChelseaSeen over in Calf Hair and Yellow.Fit: operation Large.I have heard from many readers that they have actually a hard time attract the Chelseas. I understand it sound crazy, however the trouble may be the dimension they’re trying. I’m one 8.5, and also wear a 7.5 in these, and haven’t had any kind of problems with the way they fit. Love mine Calf Hair ones!

Sally vs. SophieSally Fit: Runs huge (I wear one 8)Sophie Fit: Runs huge (I go a totality size down, come a 7.5)Both pumps are great pumps to own. I very own both in different colors. The Sally wedge is 2″ versus the 4″ Sophie. If you’re wanting miscellaneous a little much more formal (i.e. Sunday church, wedding, etc.), I’d go v the Sophie. If you desire a small height, to wear all day, acquire the Sally. Both wedges are an extremely comfortable, stylish and classic. I think the factor to go under a totality size in the Sophie is that gravity normally pushes her foot forward, for this reason the greater the shoe, the furthermore it’s walk to push it down. When I tried the 8.5 and even the 8 in the Sophie, mine foot to be slipping in the back.