now you can easily and also quickly calculate toll expenses for any kind of route throughout North America, Australia, brand-new Zealand Brazil and 19 countries in Europe through the toll Calculator apps because that iPhone & Android and desktop.

You are watching: Tolls from washington dc to philadelphia to be the very first app to calculate the expense of tolls across all tunnels, bridges and also toll roads in the the US, Canada & Mexico and is rapidly expanding coverage across Europe and also other components of the globe as well.

commercial customers count on the Developer APIs and Data Licensing solutions to estimate and recoup toy fee expenses and also make smarter routing decisions.


simply in time because that spring, the team in ~ is excited to announce the we\"ve further broadened our coverage of european toll facilities throughout all of north Europe through the addition of eight new countries including Norway, Sweden and also the UK. This release for the very first time contains tolls for congestion zones, which room fees charged for entering city centers in London, Stockholm and also Gothenburg, and fees for ferry crossings.



\"*\" is excited come announce an broadened relationship through Bestpass that now gives truckers and fleet administration companies with a complimentary year of accessibility to the van Toll Calculator - a $120 value! Thousands the shippers who visit the truck Toll Calculator website each month to estimate toll prices for freight shipments will certainly now have the choice to sign up because that a cost-free annual subscription funded by Bestpass, Inc., the industry-leader in toll administration services in north America. initially partnered v Bestpass in 2017 to build a private label version of its truck toll calculator applications for Bestpass customers. This new relationship broadens on that by offering cost-free annual subscriptions to all shipping and also fleet administration companies, sponsored by Bestpass.


The team in ~ to be honored freshly by being invite to participate in a process to testimonial innovative modern technologies for the upcoming congestion pricing regime in brand-new York City. Jam pricing is a means of charging tolls for vehicles that enter particular parts of a metropolitan area and is slated come be applied in Manhattan\"s main business district start in December the 2020. Tolls will be charged for vehicles the drive south of 60th Street, with specific exceptions such as the FDR Drive and West next Highway.

Although comparable congestion-based tolls have been applied in number of cities across the globe, this is a seminal event in the united state tolling market as new York will certainly be the first city in north America to use this complicated type of tolling, and many other cities such as Los Angeles, san Francisco, Seattle and Washington DC space watching closely and may shortly follow NYC\"s lead.

provided the short window of time for rolling out this new technique of tolling and the an are limitations that NYC streets, the agency responsible because that implementing the routine (the MTA) has begun exploring brand-new technology that have the right to be applied quickly without requiring the installation of a great deal of physical infrastructure. As part of this testimonial they have invited a grasp of innovative an innovation firms in the tolling sector - consisting of - to develop proof-of-concepts and also prototypes and also submit them to the MTA for testimonial via a procedure known together an RFI (Request because that Information).

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We wasted no time together our talented technology team got to work and quickly developed a prototype constructed on ours innovative toll Tracker™ an innovation which utilizes general practitioners signals to track as soon as users pass v tolls and applies the suitable fees. The use of gps as a tolling an innovation is gaining increased attention given that end 80% of adults in the united state now lug GPS-enabled smartphones and a cultivation percentage of brand-new automobiles have general practitioners installed as component of their embedded navigation systems. In truth in a recent write-up the co-founder and former CEO the Zipcar Robin Chase says that gps is the \"technology that could transform congestion pricing\".

Whether general practitioners is adopted by the MTA as part of the platform for NYC jam pricing is yet to it is in determined, but the possibilities are exciting and we\"re excited to be amongst the carriers the MTA has actually reached the end to in their evaluation. On the other hand if you room in the brand-new York City area or will certainly be traveling there you have the right to test out the prototype we developed for the MTA together we\"ve made it publicly accessible in our totally free Toll Tracker™ application for iOS in the app Store. Just download the app and also drive southern of 60th Street in Manhattan and also it should indicate when girlfriend have gone into into the (proposed) jam zone, and if you offer it a try let us understand what girlfriend think by dropping us a heat at feedback

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