FRIAR.Romeo, come forth; come forth, thou fear man.Affliction is enanmour"d of your parts,And thou art wedded to calamity.

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ROMEO.Father, what news? what is the prince"s doomWhat woe craves acquaintance at my hand,That ns yet understand not?

FRIAR.Too familiarIs mine dear son with such sour company:I bring thee tidings the the prince"s doom.

ROMEO.What much less than doomsday is the prince"s doom?

FRIAR.A gentler referee vanish"d indigenous his lips, — no body"s death, yet body"s banishment.

ROMEO.Ha, banishment? it is in merciful, speak death;For exile hath much more terror in his look,Much more than death; carry out not speak banishment.

FRIAR.Hence native Verona arts thou banished:Be patient, because that the world is vast and wide.

ROMEO.There is no civilization without Verona walls,But purgatory, torture, hell itself.Hence-banished is banish"d from the world,And world"s exile is death, — climate banishedIs death mis-term"d: calling death banishment,Thou cutt"st my head off with a gold axe,And smil"st upon the stroke that murders me.

FRIAR.O deadly sin! O crude unthankfulness!Thy fault our law calls death; however the kind prince,Taking your part, on foot brush"d aside the law,And turn"d that black color word death to banishment:This is too ~ mercy, and thou see"st that not.

ROMEO."Tis torture, and not mercy: sky is here,Where Juliet lives; and also every cat, and also dog,And little mouse, every unworthy thing,Live here in heaven, and may look at on her;But Romeo might not. — much more validity,More honourable state, an ext courtship livesIn carrion flies 보다 Romeo: they may seizeOn the white wonder of too ~ Juliet"s hand,And stealing immortal blessing from she lips;Who, also in pure and vestal modesty,Still blush, as reasoning their very own kisses sin;But Romeo might not; that is banished, — This might flies do, when I native this should fly.And sayest she yet the exile is no death!Hadst thou no toxicity mix"d, no sharp-ground knife,No sudden median of death, though ne"er so mean,But banished to kill me; banished?O friar, the damned usage that indigenous in hell;Howlings attend it: how hast you the heart,Being a divine, a ghostly confessor,A sin-absolver, and also my friend profess"d,To mangle me through that native banishment?

FRIAR.Thou fond foolish man, hear me speak a little, —

ROMEO.O, thou wilt speak again that banishment.

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FRIAR.I"ll offer thee armour to save off that word;Adversity"s sweet milk, philosophy,To comfort thee, though thou arts banished.