Lion Vs Tiger : the course when you ask everyone who’s the king of the jungle he / she answers fast saying, the Lion. Because this is the truth that we learned together a child, however did you ever before think why the lion is the king that the jungle and not any other animal?

Many other an effective animals possess qualities that enable them to acquire the location of king of the beasts and also if we placed them in comparison v the lion, we will find that the the next of lock is the Tiger. For this reason why is the tiger no the King that the Jungle?


The pride gives food to its sick and wounded members however not come the male. The male offers his size to take it what he wants of the lionesses death a common diet will include zebra, giraffe, Buffalo, wildebeest, gazelles and Impala Lions are opportunistic and will easily scavenge the death of cheetahs, leopards, wild dogs and also hyenas. Tigers key prey species are big animals such together deer, buffalo and also wild pigs but they will also hunt fish, monkeys, birds, reptiles and sometimes also baby elephants. Sometimes Tigers death Leopards, bears and also other Tigers.

Both are strong animals yet when us compare lions to many tigers we can see that Tigers are an ext powerful as they have actually very solid front paws Tigers deserve to stand ~ above their back legs and can hit the opponent with your front legs.

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Lions room also powerful but they can’t resist the strength of Tiger paws the only thing that goes in the favour the lions is their social life, lions live in a pride and they defend each various other in instance of intruders by fighting together.

Tigers are solitary hunters therefore no issue how powerful the tiger is, it can’t success a fight with two or much more lions in ~ the exact same time so that being said why is the tiger not thought about for the title of the king. Regardless of Tiger gift the best among all the cats, the lion is dubbed the king of the tropical not since it’s the strongest but due to the fact that the lion poses kingship abilities that the many tigers don’t.


However researchers have presented that many tigers are much stronger than lions what room the kingship abilities that lion possesses that Tigers don’t a king have to be powerful in ancient times stamin was one of the leading features of a king, a king had actually to be an effective physically and additionally in battle and the lion everyone must admit is a very an effective animal.

A king must have leadership capability the lion is the head of his swarm he oversees the to work of the group lioness and the Cubs ranging from decision-making to hunting when there’s a need for food the lion offers the command for hunting. However the lion seldom goes hunting however he offers the regulates of the lioness and also others to go hunting and fetch food.

On the other hand the tiger is a solitary animal that hunts alone they have actually no one to give a command, the lion is the protector of his territory just as king needs to make certain that his community is safe and also protected the lion must safeguard its are from intruders, ~ above the various other hand due to the fact that the tiger is a solitary animal, he has no one to defend making duties.

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The lion have to mate with the lioness and also have cubs so the the ar will expand. Dethronement and also enthroned men similar to a king anytime the lion stops working to deliver his duties effectively, he might be dethroned and also replaced. These are just a few of the features that distinguish the lion as a king native the tiger that seldom possesses these qualities.