Treasure Island’s brand-new male revue comes out of Nowhere and Blows The remainder Away…

This is just one of the rarely times that ns feel guilty for writing a rave review. Why? since I’m about to state that the newest masculine revue in las Vegas is much superior come anything we’ve viewed before. And that’s a pretty far-reaching claim come make. Obtain ready because that Uncensored International show at Treasure Island Hotel Casino.

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Regular readers understand that I’m a huge fan that Chippendales and Aussie Heat. I’ve likewise enjoyed absent Candy and the vastly-improved Thunder From down Under (Magic Mike Live will certainly remain a steaming pile of shit once it moves to Sahara this fall). For this reason how can Uncensored International come the end of nowhere and also blow the others away?

First and also foremost, Uncensored International has actually the hottest arsenal of males you will probably ever see on one stage. Their tagline is “Younger. Stronger. Harder”. The flawless faces, stunning physiques, perfect skin and also stimulating body language truly are of the highest caliber. Think me when I call you that the cast is huge! There space at least eight jaw-dropping gentlemen onstage at any kind of given time, and also each one is thin perfection in talent and also size (ahem).

Uncensored International is carry out in the second-level event an are of Senor Frog’s, known to numerous as the home of the world-famous Voss occasions Drag Brunch. The unusual, sprawling layout the this venue would be a difficulty for most productions, but Uncensored International transforms it into something both intimate and also epic in ~ the very same time.

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There are three power platforms inside Senor Frogs – a wide main stage and two smaller sized ones. All of them space utilized simultaneously, enveloping the audience in the activity from every angle. The men crisscross native one spot to the the next, leaping throughout tables, swinging top top poles and also running from end to end. Live video feeds are broadcast on floor-to-ceiling digital screens, ensuring that you won’t miss out on a 2nd of the sizzle.

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Never before have I viewed a male revue packed v such energy and power. Lighting and also effects space amped to the max, accompanied by a pulsating soundtrack the dares you to sit still. Thankfully, chit-chat is maintained to a minimum, aside from the priceless emceeing the the supreme Queen herself, Shannel. This world-famous traction star is recognized to millions via her appearances ~ above television’s RuPaul’s traction Race, and her vegas stints at 53X and also Drag Brunch.

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Uncensored International begins with a bang. Actually, numerous them, together the guys position themselves behind big drums across the entire space. When the music begins, their pounding reasons a Blue guy Group-inspired water spray i m sorry drenches your clothing. So starts a striptease that gives way to pole dancing straight over the audience.

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Various collection pieces encompass Game of Thrones-inspired barbarians, a classy las vegas crooner number, locker room showers, and a prison transfer sequence. Feather to heat things up even more? Wait till the phase is literally collection on fire. Audience members are generally pulled in for part seriously raunchy antics, therefore don’t expect to remain a wallflower for long.

Alas, there space a couple of minor caveats come the brand-new production. Despite the truth that at least one quarter of the attendees top top premiere weekend were men, men are barely identified by the dancers. Mine companion wondered about a actors member on this issue, and also the solution was something follow me the lines of “We’re working on that”. Let’s expect so. Mine two-part write-up (here and also here) compares various other Vegas male revues because that inclusivity, crucial matter this days.





My friend and I were attracted into the activity this past Saturday, together these picture demonstrate. They even came end after the display to chat with us in the casino. Means to go, everyone!!!!

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My 2nd beef has to do through cocktail service. Over there was just one bartender, who was located in a dark, grungy edge far opposite the entrance and also stages. I had actually to ask an employee wherein to get a drink, then missed the beginning of the display due to a long line. A cocktail server at some point came around, but by then the display was much more than half over. Everyone knows the the genuine money is in alcohol sales, so Senor Frog’s requirements to step up their video game right away. An ext bartenders plus an ext cocktail servers equals happy las vegas partiers.


As for the production, the was created in 2014 and at one allude featured Latino actor/heartthrob william Levy. Producer Omar Suárez isknown throughout Latin America for his occupational on Perfume de Gardenia, the biggest stage spectacle ever before seen in Mexico. It to be choreographed by Eitan Tellez, who specializes in jazz, hip-hop, ballet and Latin fusion. Together, they’ve delivered a scorching 75 minutes that ras Vegas audience expect and deserve.

I was very pleased through Uncensored global Show, and also plan to visit again and again. Sin City might still be in shock by Chippendales‘ ouster native Rio ras Vegas, but there’s new crop of poor boys to scrape that itch. And also they’re much more than welcome ~ above the Strip.

Senor Frog’s is situated off the casino floor in ~ Treasure Island. Showtimes space as follows:

Tuesday: 8:30 pmWednesday: 8:30 pmThursday: 7:00 afternoon & 9:30 pmFriday: 7:15 pm / 9:45 pmSaturday: 7:15 pm / 9:45 pmSunday: 7:00 pm & 9:30 pm

Audience members must be 18 and also over. Tickets start at $65 (plus taxes/fees) and also can it is in ordered here.

Photos: Sam Novak

New masculine revue attributes pedigree talent, chiseled abs…and one sizzling lady…

With nearly every major production already re-opened or slated to, it’s inconceivable the world-famous Chippendales male revue was recently evicted from Rio las Vegas. In the past few months, a reborn Thunder From under Under has acquired steam, Aussie Heat continues to load Mosaic Theater, and also the terrible Magic Mike Live‘s relaunch at Sahara Hotel is now scheduled for August (several false start later).

While Chippendales searches because that a brand-new home, some actors members have scattered to parts unknown or bring away non-entertainment roles. But at the very least three that the cuffs-and-collar crew are back onstage in a fledgling male revue called ROCK CANDY.

ROCK CANDY has actually taken a clever spreading route by pour it until it is full its recipe through laid-off performers from significant shows like Le Reve and Cirque du Soleil productions. There’s also a heaping helping of AUSSIE HEAT with a couple of sprinkles the Thunder. Add a dash the one sexy lady and you’ve obtained a colorful display the morsels the is worth digging into with both hands and also your teeth.

Rock Candy masculine Revue is one intimate fantasy journey through the mental of your hostess, Rosa. This is no your common Male revue, wherein the males think castle know just how to accomplish every woman’s fantasy. Rock candy will entice your mind and also stimulate your senses indigenous a woman perspective, together Rosa directs the dancers choose her muses to bending to she will and desires. Every power is different, if Rosa’s psychic wanders native voyeuristic fantasies, uniformed dreams, and also even a little bit of bondage play. The Rock liquid dancers are Rosa’s playthings as she daydreams the night away.

Rosa Agius – your Host

The big-budget Magic Mike Live could learn a couple of lessons from ROCK CANDY. Foremost is exactly how to have actually a female hold that doesn’t run interference in between the guys and also the audience. Mike‘s shrill emcee yanks you the end of the fun with her incessant blather, but Rosa Agius serves together the perfect tourism guide.

This super-sexy dancer/actress/choreographer/entrepreneur explores a selection of scenarios that attract you therefore deep, deep, deep right into fantasy land the you just can need a towel.

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Sydney-born Rosa is one of the most ambitious entertainers in the city. As well as performing in ROCK CANDY, she runs her own apparel/furnishings agency (Aussie Allure), operates an entertain production company and is a VIP hostess at The Garden, the hunk-packed nightspot ns told you about in this article.

Rosa probably has her lovely hand in even more enterprises, yet thinking about it has actually made me exhausted. So let’s simply enjoy a few of her fabulous photos prior to proceeding onto the men. 

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You can see more of Rosa Agius by following her Instagram page here.

Now let’s taste a couple of delicious samples from the extensive choice at ROCK CANDY. Save in mind that the huge cast rotates from performance to performance….so you’ll want to dig into the candy bowl much more than once.

Miguel Rivera Laureano –

When dancer Miguel Rivera Laureano made the relocate from Le Reve come Chippendales, his new employers couldn’t have been an ext pleased. “We’ve been trying for around two year to acquire him”, one of them confessed come me. And also who could blame them because that wanting to land this level of smoldering talent? Miguel is as good of a dancer as they come, and also his looks and also physique made that the perfect match for your cast.

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Seeing Miguel back onstage in ~ Rock Candy this previous week was a pleasant surprise. I’ve to be an admirer the his for a lengthy time (Le Reve was my favorite production until the pandemic forced its closure). Ns can’t to speak if he’ll go back to Chippendales once they reopen, yet he’s a great fit because that Rock Candy, too. And…why wait because that “then” as soon as you deserve to see him right NOW!

Follow Miguel’s Instagram right here.

Miguel Reyes Santiago –

If you’re right into Latin lovers, then one scorching Miguel is never ever enough. ROCK CANDY serves up two hot tamales through the spreading of Miguel Reyes Santiago. Be careful not to confused them, as Santiago remained in the Le Reve cast, too. He’s additionally been in Cirque du Soleil‘s MJ One and Vegas! The Show. Therefore while various other male revues are an ext about the looks, Santiago’s resume proves that the studs the ROCK CANDY deserve to really dance!

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Mr. Santiago’s manly chest and rippling abs are the product of hrs of training. One avid cross-fit participant, he freshly traveled to Tulum, Mexico, wherein he gave their famous “Jungle Gym” a try. Shirtless, of course. We wouldn’t have actually it any kind of other way.

Take a pilgrimage with Miguel Reyes Santiago v his Instagram page.

Ryan Kelsey –

If you’re a follower of local Vegas bands, opportunities are the you’ve viewed Ryan Kelsey behind the guitar. A born entertainer through show service in his blood, Kelsey theatre venues of every sizes. He’s additionally a consummate dancer, having developed from Chippendales swing performer and calendar model to their official Dance Captain.

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As is the instance with Miguel Rivera Laureano, the handsome musician join the actors of ROCK CANDY when Chippendales loyalists await the decision on when, where, or if the original male revue will certainly return. In the meantime, Kelsey is tantalizing audience at Alexis Park Resort every weekend. His pan will indeed follow him there. And also you deserve to follow Ryan via Instagram by visiting this page.

Antonio GrandA manzano –

Young Cuban Antonio Granda Manzano is one more one the those handsome hardbodies that you’ve seen almost everywhere town. You can not recognize his name, however it’s difficult to miss his memorable features on billboards and ad campaigns for The STRAT hotel, Passion libido spray (say what?), Navi Collection swimwear and also INMEX eyewear.

An international entertainer who’s been all over the world, the singer/dancer/actor has remained in numerous phase productions, TV commercials and also films. Antonio is additionally a horror movie enthusiast that spends many evenings attending the fright fests at West Wind ras Vegas Drive-in Theater. And he somehow finds the time to pick up extra cash as among the warm staff at The Garden, along with his dear friend Rosa Agius (see above).

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Get to know Antonio a little better by stalking visiting him on Instagram via this link.

Jeffrey Garrovillo –

Every class has a clown. And every team of guys has actually the “bad boy”. Jeffrey Garrovillo fulfills both functions in ROCK CANDY. As outlandish as he is naughty, the seasoned entertainer sporting activities a physique together memorable as his distinctive hair style.

Jeffrey is as house in the water as he is onstage, gift both an proficient technician for “O” in ~ Cirque du Soleil and also a former man the Chippendales (yes, another one!). If you desire to how this sexy stud gained that slamming body, climate ask Teresa Van. She’s the owner of ENVY Training, which i profiled here. Jeffrey is a trainer at ENVY and excels in ~ kickboxing, which describes his supple abs and impressive flexibility.

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If you’d favor to dive a little deeper right into Jeffrey Garrovillo, then inspect him out on Instagram ideal here.

Nino Anthony blacksmith –

He’s a stunning dancer. An actor. A stuntman. A teacher. A host. He’s Nino Anthony Smith, the multi-hyphenate activity man of ROCK CANDY. Nino might come across as a tiny intense, especially with his steely gaze. Yet once the smiles, you’ll check out the little kitten behind Nino’s panther-like facade.

Speaking the panthers, word has actually it the Mr. Blacksmith was component of the big cast of Marvel‘s mega-hit BLACK PANTHER. How’s the for an superior entry top top the resume? He’s additionally a large fan of fear films. One of his favorite actresses is Lisa Wilcox (A Nightmare top top Elm Street 4 and also 5), that happens to it is in the manager that The 35 Cinema right here in las Vegas. And Nino has actually delved right into the horror genre himself, play the undead in a recent zombie flick.

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If you desire to see Nino Anthony Smith an extremely much alive and also up close, obtain your ticket to ROCK CANDY. And also you have the right to follow his latest activities on Instagram.

ROCK CANDY performs Friday with Sunday in ~ 8pm inside Alexis Park Resort at 375 east Harmon Avenue. Audience members need to be 21 or over. Tickets begin at $59.95 via the official website, but you deserve to save up to 25% by bespeak via Ideal here.

Photos: ROCK liquid cast and show society media, Levi Walker and Noel Dahl. Photographers are attributed at those sites. 

Long-running masculine revue takes early lead as most-improved production of 2021…

Regular readers of Vegas Unfiltered Blog have actually probably established by now that this writer is an out-and-proud gay man. If friend haven’t, mine long-running “Hot males of Vegas” collection should have tipped you off. Nevertheless, this column has never been focused on that facet of my an individual life. Ns just cite it now to offer some understanding on my perspective of masculine revues.

Clowning through the males of “Aussie Heat”…

That being said, I’ve spent numerous a night through my friends at Aussie Heat and also Chippendales. And also I’ve deliberately avoided that misguided mess called Magic Mike Live (one that the worst significant productions of any type of kind). The other that’s to be high on mine “Do no Fly” list is Australia’s Thunder From down Under at Excalibur.

“Thunder” share a revamped showroom with “Australian punishment Gees”…

Let’s begin with the venue itself. The newly-christened THUNDERLAND showroom received a pretty modern retrofit. The weird two-level footprint is i m so sad unchanged, and also the choice of furniture is rather curious (psuedo-IKEA, lot like Mat Franco’s space at The Linq). Yet the current positioning of seats and also tables has actually improved the sight lines. Moving video walls twin as a phase curtain, bar company has got an review (with optional digital ordering), and also the lighting/sound device booms like a beating chest. 

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Speaking that chests, the cast of Thunder is one pec-tastic bunch. Every is chiseled, handsome, and also much better at dancing 보다 the last go-round. And also this is wherein I i found it the first major improvement…individual performers are given a chance to shine. Each man is presented after their corresponding showcase moment, gets rid of their mask, provides a few words come the audience…and one also sings the rafters loose.

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As for the ensemble numbers….my best gripe to be the lazy choreography and also cliched acts. Mercifully, “George the the Jungle” seems to have crashed into his final tree, and also the vampires have retreated to your coffins. Replacing them are an uncomfortable SWAT team sequence in riot equipment (too soon, guys) and a take on the 300 Spartans (meh). The rest is a top-shelf combination of musical hits, modern moves, and extreme athleticism that brings horney guests to your feet. 

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It’s worth noting the the facet of masculine audience inclusion continues to be unchanged since my critical review:

“Don’t intend to get an ext than a fist-bump indigenous the dancers as they job-related their means through the audience. The rough-and-tumble males of the Outback space dripping with testosterone, however only seem interested in sharing it v the ladies.”

The display is especially geared in the direction of women, and the few guys in attendance are presumed to be supportive straight males (not tonight, fellas!). Hope the minds behind Thunder will record up through the all-are-welcome Aussie Heat and realize that they’re transforming away an untapped, financially rewarding market. Click here and also here for an ext of my evaluation on that topical subject. 

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New hold Scott reading is sass, class…and one sweet surprise…

Now for the best improvement of all….host Scott Reading. This bloke is just about everything you might hope because that in a male-revue emcee. He’s sexy, charming, charismatic, funny, engaging, spontaneous, and downright fantastic. In various other words, he’s whatever that former front-man Marcus Deegan wasn’t:

Abrasive and also short-tempered, Deegan seems to take pleasure in belittling rowdy audience members. The previous two times that I’ve seen THUNDER, Deegan’s stopped the display dead in its tracks to berate rowdy women. He is gone so far as to blatantly tell them come “Shut the f*ck up”. Top top one occasion, he came out throughout final bows to flip his center finger in ~ an audience member if mouthing “F*ck you!”…and it no done with a wink.

Australia’s Thunder From down Under performs Wednesday through Monday at 9pm with added showtimes top top weekends. Click below for full schedule and to bespeak tickets. Prices begin at $70.95 (plus taxes/fees).

Photos: Sam Novak, Thunder From down Under, Scott analysis via Instagram


Click below to check out the BestOfVegas variation of this article and buy ticket to these reflects and more at sale prices that $59 or less…

Everyone loves a bargain, particularly when it pertains to stretching her entertainment dollar. Those deals end up being even better when girlfriend know how to get the most bang for her buck. Fortunately, we at BestOfVegas space constantly attending the latest and greatest productions and can aid you pick the finest shows, all at a discount that will make you say “Cheers!”.

Here are our top 5 selections in ras Vegas entertainment, every at $59 or less. Reserve your tickets now while sale prices room in effect!

Top Comedy – Carrot Top at Luxor ($49)

Luxor‘s “King the Laughter” has actually been pack them right into the pyramid for over 15 years…with no end in sight. The fuzzy orange funnyman with a penchant for props skewers musicians, pop culture, airline travel and also NASCAR fans in a nonstop barrage the gags, guffaws, and sidesplitting characterizations. If girlfriend haven’t seen Carrot Top, you’re lacking a true Sin City institution. (adult audience only)

More Comedy top ChoicesJohn Caparulo’s MAD lid COMEDY ($51), Mike Hammer Comedy Magic ($30)

Top Family-Friendly – CELESTIA in ~ The STRAT ($40) 

CELESTIA may be one of the ideal bargains in las Vegas appropriate now. An epic circus of marvels without the lofty price of its better-known counterparts, CELESTIA presents amazing feats, dancing, and acrobatics under an tremendous tent that’s equal components “old school large Top” and also “hi-tech amazement”. A big cast that talented athletes, physics comedians, and also musicians will certainly leave girlfriend gasping, laughing and cheering long after the final bows.

More Family-Friendly height ChoicesWOW – The las vegas Spectacular ($49), Popovich Comedy pet Theater ($39)

Top Adult Production – Atomic Saloon Show in ~ Venetian ($48) 

Atomic Saloon Show is the lastest (and possibly greatest) treat indigenous Spiegelworld, the team that lugged you ABSINTHE and also OPIUM. Set in a wild west brothel overseen by the villainous mam “Boozy Skunkton”, Atomic Saloon Show invites you to a bottle-smashing bar brawl the will have you blushing, laughing and questioning your own powers that sight. Come tell girlfriend any an ext might damn it the surprises, but don’t miss this atom blast of high-powered fun.

More Adult production Top options – Zombie Burlesque ($49), Sex Tips ($40)

Top Concert – The Bronx Wanderers in ~ Harrah’s ( $59)

The Bronx Wanderers is a family band with a penchant for the music that Jersey Boys, Stray Cats, The Beatles, and Neil Diamond. Their expanding popularity has actually necessitated moving right into ever-larger theaters. Currently featured in ~ Harrah’s main showroom, the multi-talented troupe is overseen through patriarch Vinny Adinolfi. Dad’s recording-industry background gives the backdrop because that a marvelous collection of access time both classic and current. A must-see manufacturing that touch the heart, The Bronx Wanderers will certainly lift you higher and send your soul dancing into the streets.

More Band/Concert top ChoicesTenors of Rock ($43), The jet – ’80s and also ’90s Experience ($44)

Top Sexy Revue (tie) – Chippendales in ~ Rio ($38), FANTASY in ~ Luxor ($43)

We’ll break-up this category right under the middle and also give both Chippendales and FANTASY our optimal rating. The daring pair the skin-baring revues is taken into consideration to be the gold traditional in their class of provocative entertainment. Moving equal components titillation, elegance, style, and also sass, the one-two beat of Chippendales and FANTASY is every you’ll require to meet your thirst because that sexy males or girls. It’s worth pointing out that both genders space equally welcome at this shows, therefore don’t leave her other half behind…unless that’s component of her plan.

More Sexy Revue optimal ChoicesCrazy Girls ($45), Australia’s Thunder From under Under ($50)

Top-rated masculine revue bring the funny closer than ever before at new venue…

Click right here to check out the BestOfVegas version of this article on your awesome site.

They’re fun. They’re flirty. And also they’ve never ever been more within reach. That’s since Aussie Heat, the sizzling hand-operated dance revue from under Under is now delivering your wild, sexy production straight to you…right on the ras Vegas Strip.

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Aussie Heat‘s new location is MOSAIC ~ above THE STRIP, a historical venue directly throughout from Park MGM Resort‘s EATALY. Formerly known as the Tommy Wind Theater (and Empire Ballroom prior to that), MOSAIC top top THE STRIP is an entertain fan’s dream. The lush, classy to meet is introducing its next era with far-ranging modern upgrades many thanks to brand-new management.