I love whereby I live. Mine childhood memories covers summers building sand castles and boogie boarding at Ortley Beach. My dad was a lifeguard for many years, because of this I came to be a junior lifeguard, and eventually a badge checker. Now I bring my youngsters to Ortley Beach and also I have the right to honestly say, over there is nothing better than life at the Jersey Shore. Love whereby you live!

Summers in ~ the Jersey Shore space the place to be. We know that for sure since of the long lines on the GSP and in the grocery stores. The winter’s it seems ~ longer and also longer and also we crave the lazy summer work of iced tea, fireworks, hotdogs, and Kohr’s ice cream cream. In ~ this point, ~ a essentially non-spring, we room grateful that summer weather has finally decided to show up. The best part of living here is us don’t need to travel an extremely far for sand, surf, tans, and summer-living.

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Truly, for those of united state who live here, summers are awesome. Locals, take it a step ago and look around — the ocean and also the only area space a quick ride away and we can constantly find places for summer fun, summer activities, and also summer staycations.

Jersey shore summers have actually so lot to offer. The beach, an excellent Adventure, the Seaside Heights Boardwalk, suggest Pleasant Boardwalk, and the Blue Claws stadion are just a couple of options for families looking for activities. Over there is kite night, fireworks, out dining, and every night you have the right to take a drive and also simply to walk on the beach.

So what if there is traffic? top top Fridays, remain off certain roads and also time your take trip — especially around the never-ending construction and traffic on path 37 and Route 9. It’s no anything new, so work around it.

For every negative there is a positive. We. Live. By. The. Beach! most of us have lived below long enough to figure a means to work and live approximately the crowds and also many world count on travel for your livelihood. Take on the crowds! They space happy vacationers. Who is much more fun than world on vacation?

Jersey coast locals are known to complain around the “bennies”— look at it native a different perspective —tourists love that here! And, stop be honest, we do too!

As a mom of 3 young girls, i am always looking because that fun activities to execute in the summer. Summer is household time, recording up through friends, meeting up v old friends, sandy toes, and also PB&J in coast coolers.

Here are my optimal summer tasks for those in the Ocean and Monmouth ar areas:

6: The BlueClaws: Who no love baseball? even as a mother of three tiny princesses, a night at the ballpark is for this reason fun. The vibe the the stadium and the proximity to residence make this a fun summer night out. Inspect out: https://www.milb.com/lakewood

5: stand up Paddling Boarding & Yoga on the Beach: Paddle boarding v the Jersey coast Mermaids https://jerseyshoremermaids.com/

or yoga on the coast are some of my favorite outdoor activities. Difficulty yourself to shot different things this summer. Over there is something therefore peaceful and serene around being top top the water v your paddle board (Rentals are available through Jersey coast Mermaids). Nothing be discouraged by paddling, together it look at harder than it actually is. If you’re nervous to shot stand up paddling (SUP), monitor “The Jersey shore Mermaids” and also join united state for a fulfill up. All levels are welcome. And yes, mermaids are real!

4: Farmer’s Markets: Toms River, Seaside Park, and Island Heights all organize Farmer’s Markets. Ns love strolling v the markets and selecting fresh produce to put together a delicious summer salad. Https://www.seasideparknj.org/calendar/https://www.downtowntomsriver.com/bid/market.htm


3: dragon Night & Movie Nights top top the Beach: Seaside Park and Lavalette organize “Kite Night”and movies on the beach. This is fun for both kids and adults, even if it is you in reality fly a dragon or not. Dinner top top the beach and also tiring your kids out, sounds prefer a win-win to me. Mom recommendation: Head end to the dollar store and also stock up on light sticks. After the sunlight sets, the beach gets dark fast—glow sticks aid you store an eye on her kiddos, while additionally making you the coolest parent ever before when girlfriend whip out those bright sticks indigenous the beach bag!



2: allude Pleasant Boardwalk: Whether girlfriend hit up the rides, head to the aquarium, or just enjoy a stroll under the boardwalk, point Pleasant is a pretty family-friendly boardwalk. The can gain crowded — guess crowds, especially on wristband nights. The ideal time come head end to the Pt. Satisfied boardwalk is local’s summer in September. Https://jenkinsons.com/

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1: Ortley Beach: Ortley coast is a concealed gem that the Jersey Shore. The childhood storage I have of Ortley Beach room endless. Ortley hold a really special ar in my heart. A little and family members friendly beach, many of the lifeguards have actually been working at this beach because that years and also know beach-goers by first name. Bathrooms and also restaurants space in walking distance of all roads in Ortley, i beg your pardon is essential with tiny ones. Return Ortley is a smaller sized beach, it’s clean, the safe, and also it’s our favourite beach in the totality world.

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Daily, Weekly, half Season, and Seasonal title are obtainable for purchase. Info on badges here:


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