13 reasons Why will constantly be maybe to leaving you thinking around everything that happened in a deep level. Part of the is as result of the remarkable performances through the actors that are showing these personalities in your highs and lows. The other part is all many thanks to the incredible script that bring their story to life in means you couldn’t image. While your actions are frequently questionable, the show’s as whole message of do the efforts to perform your ideal in a civilization that can regularly be cruel, is an essential one and something we require now more than ever.

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Whether you’re looking come remember that really special stand-out minute from the show or are just in search of a quote to usage for your next Instagram caption, 13 reasons Why has moment that space meant because that anyone and any feeling. Here are few of the finest 13 reasons Why quotes that will definitely hold friend over prior to the begin of season 3.

"I don"t blame Hannah for anything. That"s how it is for girls. Human being judge you because that the method you look and the points they hear around you. They put a brand on you." — Jessica


While Mr. Porter always had the finest intentions with his students, he also felt like he failed castle after every little thing that taken place in season 2.

"No matter how plenty of reasons there might be why, there are always an ext why not." — Olivia Baker


Olivia decides to provide Clay Hannah"s perform of "why not" and also while she ended up with 11 reasons, Olivia reminds him the there will always be more reasons why not, even if girlfriend can"t come up with them best away.

"Do you understand how plenty of girls I"ve slept with? Like, a lot, i m sorry classifies me as a player or something and my best friends supplied to think ns was the f*cking best. Hannah, she sleeps v one guy. She has a like on an additional guy, being me, and she kisses a third, gift you. Whatever, it"s every fine, right? all of the sudden, she"s a slut? every one of the sudden, girlfriend don"t recognize who she is? You"re a dumbass." — Justin
Justin is stop NOTHING back when the confronts Clay in season 2 to to mark the prejudice about sex as soon as it comes to boys and also girls.

"Clay, friend don"t know what to be happening in this photo and you don"t know what occurred after. Girl don"t just get themselves into negative situations. Males make the instances bad. Friend don"t recognize what that feels like, to be a girl in the room." — Sheri
Sheri gets actual AF in season 2 that "13 reasons Why" once she speak to Clay around a disturbing Polaroid snapshot that lock found.

Every among Hannah"s tapes to her classmates started with this foreboding greeting. It came to be so iconic that whole meme to be born indigenous it.

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Sadly, Clay never had actually the guts come tell Hannah exactly how he felt about her once she to be alive, and the remorse haunted him transparent the entire very first season of 13RW — finishing with a heartbreaking scene wherein Clay imagines self opening approximately Hannah at the party when she pushes the away, just to have actually her ask that this really question.

It"s unfair to speculate around whether or no Hannah would have killed it s her or no if Clay had actually been maybe to open up, but it does shed light on the idea that people should it is in honest and kind come one one more whenever they acquire the chance because you don"t understand what morning holds.

Sadly, hot cacao does not cure problems, which is made abundantly clean by the truth that Hannah, Jessica, and also Alex"s meetups because that hot chocolate at Monet"s were conveniently dropped as quickly as there to be drama in ~ the crew. Still, the allude is the the warmth hug hot coco gives you provides you feel a little bit far better in the moment and sometimes that"s all that matters.

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Jessica allowed a rumor around Alex hooking up through Hannah damage her friendship with Hannah even though the rumor wasn"t remotely true. It"s necessary to remember the just due to the fact that a rumor is to run rampant doesn"t make it true.