I cannot play games on my 3ds. As soon as I placed a game in the 3ds go not pack or also recognize the game. This happens with all games not just one specific game. I have inspected mine games and also the pins space not the problem. Assist please

One of mine 3ds gamings wont pack either. Ns tried clean the contacts yet that hasn"t make a difference. Likewise none that the contacts seem broken/damaged. Anyone have any type of ideas to resolve this?

My game works fine but when i go to play it, doesn"t load at all. It simply stops loading 4 seconds in. It only does the for one of them, no all.

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There are several things that commonly cause this type of problem:

1) The pins within the 3DS game slot might be dirty. If this is the situation then the first thing to try is come insert a game and then take it it ago out several times in a heat (like 10). If the doesn"t work-related then you deserve to use rubbing alcohol and soak a q guideline in it, then obstacle it on the pins of among your games. ~ the pins room wet v alcohol insert it and take it out number of times. If no one of this works then shot the next option:

2) If the pins in the video game slot space not dirty then you likely have either a bent pen or one that has actually been moved down and needs to be pulled back up. The best means to tell if this is the instance is to use a good, bright light and also shine it into the game slot. While the irradiate is on that you need to take something like a dental pick and insert it into the game slot. Girlfriend will view a thin metal piece that will move. You require to move this piece up so you deserve to see the actual game slot pins. View if any kind of are bent. You likewise need come look in ~ them all an extremely carefully to watch if any of castle are lower than the others. If they space then they should be bent back up.

You will likewise want come look to view if there is something jammed in the video game slot. I"ve seen that several times too.

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Both techniques (but particularly #2) need to be done very carefully. Someone who is great and proficient at this deserve to probably fix it without taking anything apart. Periodically the bottom instance needs come be eliminated to repair it, and also if it"s really broken the whole game slot will need to be replaced.