The home of the Scorpion takes the ide of human being cloning and addresses all of the moral and also spiritual effects that come v it, including just how clones would certainly be treated in culture and exactly how they would be pertained to in terms of having actually a soul. The debate, which is at...

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The house of the Scorpion takes the concept of human cloning and addresses all of the moral and also spiritual implications that come with it, including exactly how clones would be cure in society and how they would certainly be regarded in state of having actually a soul. The debate, i m sorry is at this suggest just a theoretical discussion, is truth in this novel, and also having a clone together the key character bring it to the forefront. Matt is a real person being with real emotions and also concerns, however he is treated choose an animal or a walking repertoire of donor organs. These issues, together with laws concerning the condition of clones in society, are all addressed.


El Patron and also others choose him provided cloning come greatly extend the size of your lives. Even if it is this is valuable or good—or also moral—is an worry in the book. Another member the the family, El Viejo, has actually chosen to not usage clones to expand his life, and many members the the family respect him for the choice. The quality of life that El Patron stays is debatable, and he remains alive seemingly just to garner an ext power and fear indigenous others.

Drug Trade

The nation of minus is created purely ~ above its medicine trade, and El Patron"s power comes with his career distribution of narcotics. Even though the is gift in a positive light with Matt"s love for him, the fear, violence, and also unethical method he uses to manage his empire reflect poorly on the establishment of medicine trafficking. Humans are turned into slaves and intimidation and bullying power supreme in enhancement to the discussion that medicine trafficking is dishonorable or questionable in ~ best. It is not only El Patron and his kingdom that are corrupted through drugs; the Keepers room presented as power-mongering hypocrites that use servant labor come cover their very own drug-trafficking schemes. In the end, both of these establishments are bring away down, and the publication ends happily together a result.


True friends look on the inside heart, and also this ethical is seen with the human being that look beyond Matt"s standing as a clone and also befriend him and also care for him. Celia and also Tam Lin, his adult caretakers, act him as an equal-value human and show him quite a little of love and concern. Tam Lin educates Matt in a method that will eventually aid him to role on his own. Both Celia and also Tam Lin threat their resides to aid him escape. Your friendship is what sustains Matt in a household where that is taken into consideration no an ext than an abomination. Maria, too, shows Matt friendship, ignoring her orders to remain away native him, and they develop a special partnership that ultimately leads Matt to full freedom, citizenship, and also the damage of the well known practices that the medicine traders that have actually kept him imprisoned. Friendship is the tie the reassures Matt that is a true human being being worth being loved.


The novel presents an assortment that different people who, top top the outside, appear to be successful, happy, and influential individuals. However, if friend look an ext deeply, their personalities are fatally flawed and twisted through vice and also greed. Farmer asserts, with the good people in this book, the true character come by do the right decisions even when it is hard and by staying exempt from the corrupting and tainting impacts of power and wealth. Personality is truly shown in the means that us treat various other people—do we develop them up, as Matt tries to do with his friends, or tear them down and use fear to manipulate them, together El Patron does? even though Matt and El Patron are the very same genetically, that is just how they select to act others and use the points that they have actually been provided that space the true components in the top quality of character they develop.

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Use of Technology

also though the society presented in the novel is technologically advanced, it gift as numerous problems together it solves. Inside the nation of Opium, an innovation is used to cruelly abuse humans by turning them right into animals, producing clones whose sole objective is to carry out organ transplants, and controlling and also keeping enemies and also friends trapped within the boundaries of the kingdom. External Opium, in Aztlan, an innovation has made the top quality of life much far better for some, but it has increased the gap between the very poor and also incredibly rich. Far better technology and also transportation has additionally increased the lull and accessibility of the medicine traders, expanding their reach beyond local influences to an international domination. Regardless of the amazing advancements in an innovation that can potentially far better the person race, it appears that mankind itself has the exact same problems and also uses the modern technology only come facilitate that forays into power mongering and greed.