Being a woman is really difficult sometimes. As you are expected to have no locations that jiggle or thigs with a gap that are cost-free of dimples, and still you’re no ‘enough’. No thin enough, no toned enough, whatever.

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These beauty, beauty standards room ridiculously impossible and just wrong.

Thankfully, the body positivity minute took inert in a significant way last year.

Although the concern of body-positivity and curvy numbers are a consistent subject the discussion, this woman embraced her body, despite insurance claims of having actually the world’s best butt.

The thing is that she states her behind is completely natural with no interventions whatsoever.

Through society media, we have seen a many changes, indigenous Iskra Lawrence to Tess Holliday and many more, who room breaking the requirements of what was thought about ‘ideal’ skinny-size-zero-models beauty.

While both models might look various in their very own ways, their blog post is the same – love the skin and also the body you’re in, for the is your only home.

Mikel Ruffinelli is additionally a mrs who appears to stand by this message.

She weighs 29 stone and is 5ft 54in tall, and also is completely proud and also comfortable v the means she looks, that she doesn’t also feel the need or pressure to diet or shed weight.

The 39-year-old mom’s bum measure in eight feet in circumference if she holds the world record for the biggest hips top top the planet.

While talking around her figure, she said:

“Men don’t an intricate skinny girls, they choose an hourglass figure

“I’m extreme, i have an extreme physique. I love mine curves, i love my hips and I love my assets.

“I think it’s very feminine to have actually curves. It makes us womanly, it renders us beautiful.

“I rather be this size and happy, v me loving me, than to be skinny, the size, and be unhappy.”

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Mikel’s husband Reggie, is likewise fond of her shape, saying: “I tell human being all the time: I have actually a patent to work with heavy equipment.”

But it is her daughter Destynee who is concerned about her’s mother’s well-being, fearing she 99-inch hips will influence her health.

“I don’t mind adhering to her footsteps, yet I don’t really desire to because I see how her struggle is.

“If she was standing up because that a particular amount that time, she starts to hurt. And also it kind of damages me to view her struggle.”

Mikel Ruffinelli currently lives in L.A and also has appeared on fact TV shows as result of her considerable asset.

Although she admits the she is fully comfortable in her own skin, she says it is sometimes difficult, specifically when making use of the shower and when oftentimes people allude at her and also whisper when she’s walking under the street.

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But, as she portrays herself as a woman of extremes, that seems like the body-positivity motion is having beneficial effects on as whole women’s confidence, which us applaud.