Dry skin occurs once your skin loses too lot water and also oil. Dry skin is common and can impact anyone at any type of age. The clinical term for dry skin is xerosis.

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Dry skin can be caused by:

The climate, such together cold, dried winter waiting or hot, dry desert environmentsDry at home air from heating or cooling systemsBathing too often or also longSome soaps and detergentsCertain medications (both topical and also oral)Aging, throughout which skin gets thinner and produces less herbal oil

Your skin may gain dry, scaly, itchy, and red. You may also have fine cracks on the skin.

The difficulty is usually worse top top the arms and legs.

The health care provider will examine your skin. You"ll it is in asked about your health history and skin symptoms.

If the provider suspects the dried skin is brought about by a health difficulty that hasn"t been diagnosed yet, exam will most likely be ordered.

Your provider may suggest home care measures, including:

Moisturizers, especially creams or lotions the contain urea and lactic acidTopical steroids for areas that get an extremely inflamed and itchy

If her dry skin is native a health and wellness problem, you"ll most likely be treated for it together well.

To protect against dry skin:

Do not expose your skin come water an ext often than needed.Use lukewarm bath water. Afterward, beat the skin dry through the towel rather of rubbing.Choose gentle skin cleansers the are free from dyes and perfumes.

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