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Another function of the wedding guest in Samuel Taylor Coleridge"s "The Rime that the old Mariner " is to duty as a stand-in for the reader. The wedding guest gives a reason for us to hear the tale, and also because the ancient mariner merely walks up and also begins...

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Another role of the wedding guest in Samuel Taylor Coleridge"s "The Rime that the ancient Mariner" is to function as a stand-in because that the reader. The wedding guest offers a factor for us to hear the tale, and because the ancient mariner simply walks up and begins informing the tale, the leader gets the emotion of gift taken aback and also caught turn off guard, just as the wedding guest is. Also, the wedding guest is advantageous in conveying one of Coleridge"s themes that expertise leads to sadness, as for every intents and purposes, the wedding guest need to be joyous, celebrate a union and a new beginning for a happy couple.

However, after hearing the mariner"s tale, the wedding guest is forever changed, and also their world is forever slightly reduced by the expertise of what the mariner has experienced. Further, sea-voyages have often been used as metaphors because that weddings, together the couple is embarking ~ above a trip right into the unknown together. If this metaphor alludes come the idea of limitless possibility, since of the guest"s presence and the mariner"s tale, the reader"s mind turns toward several of the much more negative outcomes of together a journey.

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"The Rime that the ancient Mariner" is just one of my favourite poems due to the fact that it tells a story that has actually has action, mystery, and plot. I love stories, and also "The Rime of the old Mariner" is a story in poetry format. 

The old Mariner is the novelist of this story, but he isn"t simply telling his story come a random, hypothetical reader: he speak his story to the wedding guest. In most basic terms, the Mariner is the story teller, and the wedding guest is the listener. To put it in educational jargon, the Mariner and also the wedding guest are both playing components in a rhetorical situation. In every rhetorical situation, over there is a blog post sender who is trying to acquire their message to a receiver that must analyze the message. The wedding guest is the recipient of the Mariner"s message, and the final stanza provides it clear that the wedding guest most certainly listened to and also was adjusted by the Mariner"s story.

He went choose one that hath been stunned,And is of sense forlorn:A sadder and a wiser man,He climbed the morrow morn.

Since us are reading this story, the wedding guest is also a type of stand-in for the reader. The Mariner is most definitely telling the wedding guest the story, however we get to eavesdrop on that story through the wedding guest.