I simply watched the brand-new movie v Emma Watson, "The perks of gift a Wallflower".

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The central theme the the movie is the relationship between Charlie and also his aunt. He has actually been traumatized by she death, which he seems to feeling responsible for, and also has recurring flashbacks that her.

I to be not totally sure the I interpreted what to be going on with him and her. Walk she sexually abuse him? If so, and he actually wished she death, why did the say to Sam that she (his aunt) to be his favorite human being ever?

Also, what is the part about his best friend having killed himself? who is he introduce to?

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The movie is reasonably faithful come Stephen Chbosky"s book, and also in this reader"s overview from shmoop (like Cliffs note or Spark Notes):

Charlie thinks around his mom"s sister a lot. He also visits her grave, telling her tricks that he only shares in his letters. So why does he love and also trust her so much? He thinks it"s since she was among the few people that bought the two presents at the holidays—one for Christmas and one because that his birthday, which to be Christmas Eve. He thinks it"s since she passed away in a auto accident on Charlie"s seventh birthday when she saw buy his birthday present. He think it"s due to the fact that he"s guilty for she death...

Growing up, Aunt Helen to be molested by a girlfriend of the family. As soon as she ultimately told her parents, they didn"t believe her. They go nothing to stop it, and even ongoing inviting the man right into their home. Eventually, Aunt Helen grew up and got away. But of course, the trauma stayed with her: "My aunt Helen drank a lot. Mine aunt Helen take it drugs a lot. My aunt Helen had plenty of problems v men and boys. <…> She saw hospitals every the time" (2.13.9).

Victims of abuse often become abusers themselves. And of course, Aunt Helen goes on come molest Charlie. She took benefit of shy, quiet Charlie"s love and trust. Charlie forgives her, but it has adjusted the course of his life forever.

Of best friend Michael Dobson:

As the novel opens, Charlie is quiet reeling indigenous his finest (and most likely only) friend Michael"s suicide. We never ever really gain to recognize Charlie and also Michael together a duo—all we recognize is the they checked out a couple of football games and also peeped inside your neighbors" windows. Seems choose tame high institution fun, however maybe Michael was window shopping for a new family.

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We"re pretty certain Michael exist to present Charlie how not come be. Also though Charlie ultimately stops writing about Michael, the suicide still haunts him. When he experiences his own suicidal thoughts, he pleads with the reader, "I never wanted to. You have to believe me" (2.15.12), together if to say, i won"t finish up favor Michael. Ns won"t. Perhaps he"s trying hard to convince self of that, too.