Judith Ortiz Cofer is well-known for incorporating she experiences as a Puerto Rican American into her writing, and also "The Latin Deli: an Ars Poetica" is no different. Centered roughly a Latin market, the reader learns around different foods and social items that unite the varied customers who visit the deli, and their usual experiences as immigrants. Cofer weaves Spanish vocabulary seamlessly right into the English lines, illustration the reader into the language that is central to the deli’s existence. This overview will take students v the theme, motifs, and also vocabulary from "The Latin Deli: an Ars Poetica", with tasks and instances for further inspiration!

Student tasks for The Latin Deli: an Ars Poetica

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Judith Ortiz Cofer Biography

Judith Ortiz Cofer to be born in Puerto Rico, but moved to the mainland United states at a young age. She regularly uses she real-life experiences as inspiration and also a resource of detail in her woks. She is recognized for working through a range of genres, including brief stories, essays, young-adult fiction, and poetry. Ortiz Cofer frequently combines American and also Latino society in she writing, using vocabulary from both the Spanish and also English languages. Her career spans generations and she proceeds to create to this day.

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