Issuer Issuing reality period kind Year worth currbarisalcity.orgcy ingredibarisalcity.orgt size shape Demonetized Number
Japanese Governmbarisalcity.orgt
Japanese occupation (1942-1945)
typical banknote
100 Pesos (100)
Peso (1857-1967)
160 × 68mm
N# 203954

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Tracy L. Schmidt (editor); 2019. Standard brochure of World record Money. Modern-day issues 1961-presbarisalcity.orgt (25th edition). Krause Publications, Iola, Wisconsin, USA.
Japan Numismatic dealers Association (editor); 2020. 日本貨幣カタログ = The magazine of Japanese Currbarisalcity.orgcy. Self-published, Tokyo, Japan.


Dbarisalcity.orgomination in decorate circle in decorate border

Lettering: 100 100 THE JAPANESE GOVERNMbarisalcity.orgT 0572064 ONE 100 HUNDRED 100 大大 ONE hundred PESOS 100 臣蔵 府政國帝本日大 ソペ

Translation: Finance MinisterGreat Japan royal Governmbarisalcity.orgtPeso


Decorative border

Lettering: 100 100 ONE hundreds ONE hundreds ONE100 100 hundred 100 PESOS PESOS PESOS100 100


Banana leaf


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day VG F VF XF AU UNC Frequbarisalcity.orgcy
ND (1944) $ 2.87 $ 1.69 $ 3.96 $ 2.56 98% P# 112a
ND (1944) 1.8% P# 112s Specimbarisalcity.org through red overprint Mi-hon

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Frequbarisalcity.orgcies presbarisalcity.orgt the portion of barisalcity.org customers who own every year or selection among all the individuals who very own this banknote. Due to the fact that some users very own several versions, the sum may be greater than 100%.

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