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Keke Palmer - reason im the brand-new vp theme tune of true jacks..

up (Custom Made)Take it off the rack (Custom Made)Then Re ... (Custom Made)I gotta upper and lower reversal the layout "til the feels best ... Made)That"s why i obtained the project as a VPI"m different

Bloods - Spiderman theme tune

Look Out! right here comes the SpidermanIs he strong? ... Take a look at overhead Hey, over there There walk the Spiderman ... In the chill of night at the step of a crime favor a

Green day - The simpsons theme tune

The Simpsons...Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! (2x)Da da da dada da da da dadadadaaa...Dadadadadaaa da da da da!...

Less than Jake - Theme tune for h street

moved awaythings space so the same,that every I can really ... And also yeah just outside,the conversation"s acquiring old ... And I know they"re right,betting smokes

Terry the - The childhood theme tune medley (90"s children tv..

Digimon - Season 1Bill Nye the scientific research GuyArthur ... Pokemon (music gained from the Pokemon Sound Collection)

Donovan - The good song the the skies

us shot to keep in rhythm with the roll of ours hillsFor I"m ... Sure it is the remedy to resolve all our ... For we are, girlfriend know, one and also the exact same that I disclose to youThere"s a silent ethereal secret

Kyle Justin - Theme track

s gonna take you back to the pastTo beat the shitty ... Gamings that suck assHe"d rather have actually a buffalloTake a ... Intake in his earHe"d rather eat the rotten assholeOf a

The Aquabats - Theme track

came from an islandIn the sand and the sunHidden far ... Native the worldIs that residence of funny ... And also ate food all nightWhen there to be no an ext foodEating

Mark Henry - Theme tune

gon" gain they ass kickedSomebody gon" ... Get their wig splitSomebody gon" ... Get they ass kickedSomebody gon" ... Gain their wig splitBeat "em up, ... LandNever deserve to you imagine thePain that i bringIf ns said

Off through Their top - Theme track

anything.When ns think around the future all I view is that ... I wish I can turn ago the clock 8 years,and have actually ... Thought twice around the human being staring earlier at me in the mirror.I don"t offer a

Say noþeles - The last great punk rock song

s the critical time I"ll fight the wrongs, I"ll sing around the ... Girls that left meThe critical great punk rock song prior to I ... Me i do not have anything fastAnd it"s the critical great time I"ll try

Charlie Winston - The great conversation

Abend, Herr BeethovenWith these words i’ve interwoven ... Ever before newBut it appears these job there’s very tiny ... That people have come sayAs they pay because that emperor"s new clothesBut ns refuse to take my

Andre Rieu - The godfather (love theme)

Love Theme indigenous "the Godfather")"Speak softly, ... HeartI feel her words The tender trembling moments ... Wine-colored job warmed by the sunDeep velvet nights when

Nekrogoblikon - The goblin rangers theme

AFTER TEN thousand YEARS, WE"RE totally free AND IT"S lastly TIME TO dominate EARTH!Go walk Goblin Rangers!Go go Goblin Rangers!(Get the end of here, filthy human!)G...

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The Boomtown Rats - The great song of indifference

at allI don"t mind if the federal government fallsImplements ... Effective lawsI don"t care if the country stallsAnd ns don"t ... In ~ allI don"t care if castle tear down treesI don"t

Bob Geldof - The good song the indifference

at allI don"t mental if the government falls Implements ... Futile regulations I don"t treatment if the country stalls and also I don"t ... In ~ allI don"t care if castle tear down trees ns don"t

Matt Pond Pa - The dark leaves layout

live for the dark leavesShake the floor, ... the seeds come rotate downAll ... Kills meFinally we"ve found the sweetnessTurning sky ... Over upside downThe first light, see the first

Project 86 - The great golden gate disaster

you there"s a remedyInside friend is ... You understand it was never ever a lieThe fallen kid that bought our ... FreedomIs the I, the i that had actually to dieOutside ... Girlfriend there"s a remedyA destiny in

3 inch Of Blood - The good hall that feasting

the day breaks and the fight hour approachesMany ... Cries will certainly echo with the hillsBe no afraid your ... Sacrifice is not in vainThe God"s reward for dying with

Pellek - The nanny named fran (the nanny opened theme..

out on she fanny. So over the leg from Flushing come the ... Sheffield"s door, She to be there to offer make up but the father saw more, She had style,

Darren Hayes - The great big disconnect

You obtained Jesus with the palest skinYou had Lenin ... MamaEveryone"s maintaining their love much awayEveryone"s ... Maintaining their love far awayKeeping your love much awayEveryone"s

Great huge Sea - The chemistry worker"s tune (process man)

Chorus:>And that go guys goThey"ll time her every breath ... Girlfriend no lieI work and also breathe amongst the fumes that tread ... Throughout the skyThere"s thunder all approximately me and

The Decemberists - The mariner"s revenge tune

our histories interweaveAt the time girlfriend wereA rake and a ... Safety all her moneyOn the whores and hounds(oh, oh) ... And debonairMy widowed mother found so sweetAnd therefore she

Allen-lande - The great divide

I feeling aloneThe days revolve to nights, for this reason cold ... Cry her nameTonight againThe flameThe great divideMy ... Love is breaking in twoThe great divideBefore the fallYeah

Dead Kennedys - The an excellent wall

s checked out from outer spacePut over there to keep starving neighbors ... Locked external the entrances What"s changed ... Realms hoard more than lock needAnd peasants threaten

Girls" Generation (so Nyuh Shi Dae) - The great escape

de sura minoga sazu ni konasu The great escapeTAEYEON: ... SEOHYUN: together we do our great escape nowSUNNY: Kiseki ... De sura minoga sazu ni konasu The great escapeTAEYEON:

Artillery - The good

crawl to seek my vengeanceThe ressurection that his evil ... WorldThe sailor lost at sea, look because that the sun and moon to overview meI ... Seafarer I am his vengeanceThe great the great will always

Rebecca black - The an excellent divide

go where the wind blowsDestroying ... Up so distantDancing ~ above the lineOf the great divide ... Rotate my backI don"t need the memories we hadI"m leaving

Bloodhound gang - The unavoidable return the the great white dope

and seventy-two, That"s the year I acquired here once my too ~ ... Mother"s water blew, no really ... Realizing the prize that"s been begot come ... Her, The bona fide lo-fi high-octane

Domain - The an excellent rebellion

m spending my days, castle rush choose a streamwith a ... People spreading concepts like they"re under a spelland together I ... Just what that is, castle preachingfinally I"m

Reba Mcentire - The great divide

valley lies in between usAnd over there ain"t no means to cross the great divideThe great divide ... Ain"t in ColoradoIt"s the distance that we"ve somehow ... Get an impressive apartThe great divideOh that river"s

Noumena - The great anonymous doom

for this night in shameThey say, it"s the graceOf the great cotton doomDon"t aid me ... YetFor woe, ns won"t foregoThe minute of great anonymous

Devilment - The good and secret show

She carried the adversary downShe carried the Great and mystery ShowTo mine ... SurrenderI, pretender to the crownShe"s a vessel because that ... Of darknessMeditating ~ above the welcoming feastThe Great

Eye empire - The good deceiver

Feel MeNow... ?You are the great deceiverAnd I"m a ... Believer(The hopeless one)The one and also onlyYou room a great ... DeceiverA bottle of evil(The Hopeless one)The one and

Freelance Whales - The good estates

upParade ours souls out by the ago gateSome nipper the ... GroundSome reduced the airSome warmth the seasBut ... To scream to discover my method in the waterFind my far-off memory

Janet Jackson - The great forever

ya gettin" itDon"t produce the truth you likeIt might ... That I loveLiving mine lifeThe way that ns hopeIs leading ... Me toThe great foreverForever ns will

Pantera - The an excellent southern trendkill

You rob a dead mans grave, climate flaunt it favor you go ... And also everythings unable to do In the great Mississippi, please drown me ... Again, You"re nurturing the weakest tendency Those through the heart and the mind to get

Alex Goot - The good vendetta

searchingfor much longer than they’ve ... Space scared the life and-how their will revolve out and this ... Out to everyone who likes their life exactly how it is>-and those

Billy Joel - The an excellent wall that china

are freeNobody knows about the trouble I"ve seenNobody"s ... Space not heard "til after ~ they"re spokenYour duty was ... We can have gone all the method to the Great wall of

Dagoba - The an excellent wonder

away like shooting starsThe party makes me shed control.. ... .the human being is collection on fireBut ns ... Don"t treatment where the Hell I"ll be driven!The great wonderWhat"s coming after?

Current 93 - The great, bloody and also bruised veil that the wor..

bloody and also bruised veil that the worldThe great, bloody and also ... Bruised veil that the worldThe trees tide in EnglandThe ... Streams circulation in EnglandThe negative halt in EnglandThe

Evermore - The good unknown

bottle lid Lies ~ above the respond to top It"s warm yet the rain won"t prevent I haven"t ... Residence for work Too much of the exact same thing Heading the end to the ocean, reasoning Head full

Scott Stapp - The great divide

have run to the oceanThrough the Horizon ... Chased the sunI"ve waited for the ... Ended up being my reason to survive the great divideYou collection me totally free ... On Heaven"s doorstep,With the Door open,One foot inside

Janick Thibault - The an excellent escape (boys prefer girls)

Forget yesterdayWell make the great escapeWe no hear a ... Word lock sayThey dont recognize us anywayWatch ... Fine cryBut us wont offer up the fightWell scream loud at the optimal of our lungsTheyll

Queen - The great pretender

yes I"m the great pretender (ooh ooh) ... One deserve to tell oh yes I"m the great pretender (ooh ooh) ... That my very own (ooh ooh) ns play the game however to my actual shame

Righteous brothers - The an excellent pretender

yes, I"m the great pretender Pretending I"m ... One deserve to tell five yes, I"m the great pretender Adrift in a ... People of my very own I pat the game yet to my real shame

Sam Cooke - The an excellent pretender

yes, I"m the Great pretender pretending I"m ... One deserve to tell oh yes, I"m the Great pretender Adrift in a ... World of my very own I pat the game however to my genuine shame

Amasic - The an excellent escape - boys favor girls

Forget yesterdayWell do the great escapeWe wont hear a ... Word lock sayThey dont know us anywayWatch ... Well cryBut we wont offer up the fightWell scream loud at the top of our lungsTheyll

Black country Communion - The great divide

me make itUnderstoodAnd the shirt uponMy back is all i ... BeA lonerSo ns go versus the grainAnd i feel the blood ... StoneIm gonna walkAcross the statelineGotta take it a

Blindside - The an excellent depression

are the sons and also daughters that a ... And this is pipeline us through a great sense of woe dwelling ... And also this mine friend, is the great

Boys favor Girls - The an excellent escape

Forget yesterdayWell make the great escapeWe no hear a ... Word they sayThey dont understand us anywayWatch ... Fine cryBut we wont offer up the fightWell scream loud at the top of our lungsTheyll

Breaking Benjamin - The an excellent divide

me all v the night ns am the critical light ... FadingLeave all the lost souls behindShow me the silence breakingAnd once ... Ll pray because that you together we overcome the great divideBury the

Crescent Shield - The great devoid

are complying with something that they deserve to not see...but think ... For ten thousand year there was somethingman felt for this reason ... InventedSlaves will build the templesThe priests will



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