Season 2 illustration 17 - With 4 You gain Pizza

Jon goes the end on a date with Liz come Vito"s Pizzaria and also Garfield desires to walk along, but Vito banned animals from beginning the restaurant. Therefore Garfield and also Odie disguise themselves as Jon"s "daughters" to get into Vito"s, yet Jon and Liz"s day turns right into disaster. Air date : 9th-Mar-2011

Season 2 episode 1 - home for the Holidays

Garfield is looking forward to the holidays and all its joys. Arlene gives Garfield a factor to stop and remember the true meaning of the season, therefore Garfield decides to assist some homeless Cats and Dogs by finding castle homes. Air date : 13th-Dec-2010Read More

Season 2 episode 2 - Ticket to wide range

Jon wins the lottery, yet is can not to uncover his ticket. Air date : 28th-Feb-2011Read More

Season 2 episode 3 - gravity of the instance

An alien from a world with no gravity lands on planet to recharge his ship. While in Jon"s home he cancels out gravity, causing family members object to float roughly the house. This is Nimbus"s second appearance, despite he"s been redesigned and also has a higher pitched voice. Air day : 28th-Feb-2011Read More

Season 2 episode 4 - The art of being Uncute

Eddie Gourmand is the judge because that the Cutest Cat that The Year award and also decides for the brand-new cute to it is in the the opposite of cute, and also the prize is six months in Greenland, therefore Garfield decides to make Nermal a mess in bespeak to acquire some peace and quiet. Air date : 1st-Mar-2011Read More

Season 2 episode 5 - Night of the hare Slippers

A pair of hare slippers comes to life, and everyone have to join pressures to loss them. This is Aunt Ivy"s an initial appearance. Air day : 1st-Mar-2011Read More

Season 2 episode 6 - Blasteroid

The Aliens formerly seen in "Pasta Wars" send one asteroid made of meatballs to destroy Earth, Garfield and Odie reluctantly travel in a spaceship to prevent the Blasteroid. Air day : 2nd-Mar-2011Read More

Season 2 episode 7 - The huge Sneeze

Jon sneezes every time the is close to Garfield, and also his doctor defines that he must eliminate Garfield, but when Garfield go something nice for Jon, he uncovers a shocking secret: he is allergy to goldenrod. Air date : 2nd-Mar-2011Read More

Season 2 illustration 8 - The Spy who Fed Me

Garfield has to lose ten pounds, but Jon discovers he has actually been snacking between meals. Liz offers him a robot that will follow Garfield anywhere he goes to endure that sticks to his diet, however Garfield top Jon Air day : 3rd-Mar-2011Read More

Season 2 illustration 9 - accomplish Max mouse

Squeak"s cat-hating relative, Max, moves into Garfield"s home and rallies the various other mice to rebel against him. Meanwhile, Jon call an exterminator come come to escape his residence of them. This is Max"s an initial appearance. Air day : 3rd-Mar-2011Read More

Season 2 episode 10 - The Haunted residence

Jon spends the day in a vacation house to come up v a comic book idea. The just trouble is, the residence is haunted. Air day : 4th-Mar-2011Read More

Season 2 illustration 11 - which Witch?

The twins, Dresilla and also Minerva, pertained to visit, and end up like Hansel and also Gretal in an angry witch"s lair. Air day : 4th-Mar-2011Read More

Season 2 episode 12 - Cyber Mailman

The scientist Dr Bonkers creates a cyber mail male to supply the short article but part taco sauce drops into the central computer, make the cyber mail man deliver the next days news paper. Jon look at this together an possibility to make money, utilizing tomorrow"s lottery numbers likewise printed in the paper. This episode has a parody of The Twilight Zone. Air day : 7th-Mar-2011Read More

Season 2 episode 13 - Odie for Sale

Jon is in debt, and also decides he must sell several of his possessions to salary the bill. When Garfield puts Odie on the stall for 2 cents, he is purchase by the human Jon is being sue by, and also it is up to Garfield to gain him back. Air day : 7th-Mar-2011Read More

Season 2 episode 14 - farm Fresh Feline

Jon, Garfield, and Odie visit Doc boy on the farm. When there, Dr. Whipple hypnotizes Garfield right into doing farm yard work. Air date : 8th-Mar-2011Read More

Season 2 episode 15 - dogs Day

After Odie helps their friend, Nimbus the space alien, he provides him a forever doggie cookie. Odie licks Jon after eating it, and Jon beginning acting choose a dog. Then Jon licks Liz and the problem spreads. Air day : 8th-Mar-2011Read More

Season 2 illustration 16 - planet of Poultry

Aliens from one more planet arrangement to rotate all the earth creatures into chickens. This is the an initial appearance that Vito"s pizza boy. Air day : 9th-Mar-2011Read More

Season 2 episode 17 - With 4 You acquire Pizza

Jon goes the end on a date with Liz come Vito"s Pizzaria and also Garfield desires to walk along, yet Vito banned pets from entering the restaurant. So Garfield and also Odie disguise themselves as Jon"s "daughters" to obtain into Vito"s, however Jon and also Liz"s day turns right into disaster. Air day : 9th-Mar-2011Read More

Season 2 episode 18 - The Bluebird of delight

One of the baby bluebirds from "Mother Garfield" return and Garfield conserves him native Harry. Yet Nermal accidentally allows Harry have actually it and Garfield, Nermal, and Odie must save it. Air date : 10th-Mar-2011Read More

Season 2 episode 19 - within Eddie Gourmand

After Eddie Gourmand provides a negative review about Vito"s Pizzaria top top TV, Jon, Garfield, and also Odie go watch him to uncover out why he"s therefore cranky lately and help him reunite v his mother. Air day : 10th-Mar-2011Read More

Season 2 illustration 20 - Fido Food Feline

After eat dogfood, Garfield is convinced he"s turning into a dog. Air day : 11th-Mar-2011Read More

Season 2 episode 21 - Everything"s relative

Aunt Ivy"s residence is being rid of mice and also she needs to stay in ~ Jon"s home for a week. Then, Drusilla and Minerva present up, and Jon is so annoyed v them that he do the efforts to obtain them to stay at Doc Boy"s farm. But Doc young doesn"t want to placed up with them either. This is Aunt Esther, Lucretia, and Tabitha"s first appearance. Air date : 11th-Mar-2011Read More

Season 2 episode 22 - Honey, ns Shrunk the pet

Nathan returns and also shrinks Garfield through his shrink ray, and Garfield must find a way to return to normal size. Air date : 14th-Mar-2011Read More

Season 2 episode 23 - Garfield Astray

After Garfield theatre a average trick on Nermal, a bowling ball falls on his head and loses his memory. Then, Nermal top Garfield into thinking he"s a stray cat called Ichabod. Climate Garfield meets a couple of stray cats called Tino and Gino. This is Tino and also Gino"s first appearance. Air day : 14th-Mar-2011Read More

Season 2 episode 24 - history of cat

Garfield speak a small yet untrue background about his own species, and the mice room upset due to the fact that Garfield is making that seem together though cat actually did whatever in history. Air day : 16th-Mar-2011Read More

Season 2 episode 25 - black color Cat Blues

A miserable, black color cat called Jonah passes by Garfield outside, and Garfield is offered a curse and has poor luck every the time. Garfield must number out just how to background the curse. Air date : 16th-Mar-2011Read More

Season 2 episode 26 - Cuter 보다 Cute

Nermal comes over because that a visit and also the room lasagna return when again and also send a spy disguised together a cute kitten end to Garfield"s home. The "kitten" is way cuter than Nermal, and also Nermal gets jealous. Air day : 21st-Mar-2011Read More

Season 2 episode 27 - an excellent Pizza gyeongju

Jon goes out on a large date with Liz and also orders Garfield a pizza for dinner from Vito"s Pizzaria. Garfield uses a ice recorder to record Jon"s bespeak the pizza, and also uses it come get totally free pizza and, also, to harass Vito. Air day : 21st-Mar-2011Read More

Season 2 episode 28 - understand Chef

Air day : 13th-Jun-2011Read More

Season 2 episode 29 - The Guest from beyond

Eddie Gourmand, a food critic, is fired from his show only to be replaced by his station manager who desires to encourage a healthier method of cooking. ~ a possibility meeting in a movie theater, Jon invites him back to his house for dinner. However when Eddie injures his foot since of Garfield, he needs to stay at Jon’s and orders him come take treatment of him until he is cure or else he’ll sue. Air day : 13th-Jun-2011Read More

Season 2 illustration 30 - depth of a clerk

Air day : 14th-Jun-2011Read More

Season 2 illustration 31 - Night the the Apperatuses

Air day : 14th-Jun-2011Read More

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