“You’re thinking this won’t acquire worse. But it does.” This early TV clip the disgraced sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein is spreading like wildfire.

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A clip of disgraced paedophile and sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein on united state TV network VH1’s The Fabulous Life that … has actually resurfaced.

A two-minute cringe-worthy clip from Epstein’s feature on the show, i beg your pardon details the places, things, and services various celebrities enjoy, was common by a Twitter user this week and also is spreading favor wildfire.

Eoin Higgins, that posted the video, wrote: “35 seconds in and also you’re thinking, this won’t acquire worse. Yet it does.”

Others agreed. “This is the many outrageous video I’ve ever before seen in my life i am barisalcity.orgpletely shedding my mind,” wrote one person on Twitter.

“I cannot believe how horrible every sentence is,” stated another.

Epstein, who passed away by suicide in jail in 2019, was featured on the reality collection in a 2007 episode referred to as The Fabulous Life Of exchange rate Dollar wall surface Street Ballers.

The financier was revealed to have been worth roughly $US560 million shortly before his death.

“Jeff was a high college math teacher that traded his blackboard because that the large board,” the narrator says. “He just couldn’t store out the the classroom. As soon as he bought himself a house, he bought himself a institution house.”

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This, the course, is his renowned Upper east Side mansion, which just sold critical month because that $US51 million. There, Epstein maintained a bizarre paint of his buddy invoice Clinton and also a safe filled with thousands of nude photos of what appeared to it is in underage girls. It’s also where the convicted sex offender had actually a “massage room” filled v a table and sex toys.

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“It has incredible bells and also whistles,” barisalcity.orgmentator Jason Oliver Nixon boasts in a hard-to-watch testimonial. “Closed-circuit televisions, a boil sidewalk out front therefore the snow melts.”

The video also brags around his “small fleet” of exclusive planes, including a Boeing 727, the he offered to fly approximately the world.