The orgasm of the story is where all of the reality is revealed. When Christopher comes house from school one day, he decides to make a strawberry shake and relax while watching "Blue Planet". The carelessly leaves his book around Wellington"s murder the he has actually been writing on the kitchen counter. Once Father comes home, that sees it and reads through it. That asks if the conversation the Christopher had with Mrs. Alexander was true, and he responds v yes. Uncontrollable rage comes over him and he grabs kris violently. Not liking gift grabbed, kris slaps his father and also only remembers waking increase on the floor, bleeding. His father cleans him up and apologizes as much as that could, and Chris decided to trust him again anyways. They go to the Zoo to shot and mend the relationship. While kris goes upstairs, the tries to discover his notebook under his Father"s bed. He find his book, but together with that also finds a letter addressed to the from his Mother. Puzzled by this, he pipeline it alone until the next night. The next night, that returns and finds 43 letters all handle to that from his Mother. Every letter is postmarked ~ the day his mommy supposedly died in the hospital. Overwhelmed, kris becomes dizzy, throw up, and faints.

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The orgasm continues together his Father offers him a bath and puts him to bed. Prior to he sleeps, his Father tells him that he walk not want to lie to him ever before again, therefore he is informing the whole whole truth now. The tells kris that his mother is alive, and also that he was the one to death Wellington. At the moment, Christopher loses his mind and begins to scream at Father. After ~ the dispute calms down and also Father is down stairs, kris realizes the he cannot trust his Father. That thinks the if his Father had actually killed Wellington, the he could kill that too. He takes his one-of-a-kind stash that food, his pet rat Toby, and his Father"s money card and sleeps in the backyard, hidden.

After successfully hiding native his father every night, he proceeds to walk to the train station. He is encouraged that the just safe place to live is through his mommy in London.

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He goes v adventures on the train attempting to stay safe indigenous cops the wish come return him come his Father, and keeping his pet rat Toby safe. Note that for someone v such a severe social special needs like Christopher who is just 15, this is an huge feat for him.