A most readers that The Crucible have actually the exact same question: why has Reverend Hale returned to Salem in action 4?This is a short article detailing the factors behind Hale"s decision to return.If you"re confused around what his motivations are and also what he really hopes to accomplish, read on because that a complete explanation.

Why Is This inquiry Tricky?

At the finish of action 3, Reverend Hale quits the court in Salem out of frustration due to the fact that he sees that irrationality and also hysteria have taken end the proceedings. However, in action 4, we discover that he has returned to Salem to speak with the prisoners and also convince them to confess. This is a little bit confusing - why would he return to Salem come convince people to confess if that believes the they"re innocent? as I"ll describe in the next two sections, Hale has shifted his ethical compass contempt to accomodate his very own guilt.

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Guilt and also its counterpart, issue for reputation, are both typical themes in The Crucible, i m sorry makes expertise the answer to this question vital for an efficient reading that the play.

Short Answer

Hale has actually returned to Salem in action 4 due to the fact that he establish himself together the original instigator the the eventually unfounded witch hysteria, and also he doesn’t want to finish up through the blood the innocent civilization on his hands (or at least innocent civilization who are widely respected like Rebecca Nurse and also John Proctor).His goal is to persuade the condemned detainees to sign their names to false confessions.

Hale has managed to to convince himself the lying is a lesser evil than throwing far one"s life for the benefits of maintaining a spotless document of integrity. This is a somewhat selfish viewpoint, although it"s the just one he deserve to accomodate psychologically. If he it s okay the detainees to conserve their very own lives, his positive self-image will certainly not be marred by your executions.He fails to fully consider the an unfavorable impact a confession would have on the self-image of the confessor, i beg your pardon is why no one responds to his efforts.

Long Answer

Reverend Hale’s objective in returning to Salem is come speak through the condemned prisoners and convince them the they should give false confessions rather than martyr themselves.He chooses to perform this because he is tormented through guilt.When Danforth asks Hale straight why he has returned, Hale responds, “Why, it is all simple. I involved do the Devil’s work. I come to counsel believer they must belie themselves. Over there is blood on mine head! deserve to you not watch there is blood on my head!!” (Act 4 pg. 121). Note that once Hale says he comes to do "the Devil"s work," he is being sardonic. the knows the what he"s law is technically not befitting the a guy of God, yet he feeling that promoting lies is better than the different of permitting innocent civilization to walk to your deaths due to the fact that of him.

He feels responsible for the means things played the end in Salem due to the fact that he to be the initial “expert” dubbed on to inspection the witchcraft rumors in action 1. He lit the fuse by pressuring Abigail to answer leading questions about her activities in the woods (pg. 40), prompting she accusations versus Tituba.He climate ignored Tituba’s protests that she never referred to as the evil one (pg. 41) and also insisted the she surname the surname of other human being she’d seen v Him (pg. 44).He had all the authority in the situation because of his supposed superior knowledge of witchcraft (pg. 37), and he supplied it come intimidate people into confessing.

This early stage storm that confessions and ensuing hysteria ultimately led to the condemnation of world he knew to it is in innocent.He signed seventy-two fatality warrants (pg. 92), including that that Rebecca Nurse, based on what he now believes to be false evidence.The only way Hale thinks he can make up for this is by return to Salem and also convincing the accused to save their very own lives, even if they should lie to perform so.He’d fairly advocate lying than be responsible because that the deaths of chaste people.He walk not consider that signing a confession is essentially the same as fatality to someone choose Rebecca Nurse, whose totality identity is based on her integrity and piousness. Hale is at some point only looking the end for his own peace of mind and spiritual wellbeing.

And God go say depend Reverend Hale, "#yolo."

Summary:Why has actually Reverend Hale went back to Salem?

Here"s a short bullet point recap of the answer to this question:

Hale return to Salem to convince the condemned detainees to confess come witchcraft.He walk so due to the fact that he feeling responsible for the legacy of justice that led them come their existing situation.He to know it"s also late because that them to it is in pardoned, therefore persuading them to offer false confessions fairly than hang is the best means to clear his own conscience.

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