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mar Warren, a servant who replaces Abigail Williams functioning in the Proctor household, is illustrated as a girl who is conveniently manipulated and also fearful of government figures. She enjoys the fist she receives as "an official of the court" and even appears to be bragging when she refers to herself...

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Mary Warren, a servant that replaces Abigail Williams functioning in the Proctor household, is illustrated as a girl who is quickly manipulated and also fearful of authority figures. She enjoys the attention she receives together "an main of the court" and even appears to it is in bragging when she describes herself in this way, in response to john Proctor"s asking her why she is no putting more time into her chores. Yet her display screen of pride and also vanity provides Proctor angry, since he thinks the witchcraft hysteria is foolishness. Things begin to escalate as soon as Proctor"s mam is accused, and Mary Warren is partially at fault because that Elizabeth Proctor"s arrest by Ezekiel Cheever, resulting from a ploy concocted by Abigail. Mary had offered Elizabeth a poppet she made in court that had a needle sticking in it, and Abigail pretended to be bewitched by pain and found a needle in her dress. Proctor sees with this and also angrily demands that mary accompany him come court; she is fear of him and also agrees to placed things right and also tell the truth and admit the girls were pretending to it is in stricken by the effects of witchcraft.

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However, in court, Abigail realizes the Mary"s testimony would disclose her own lies. Realizing Mary"s weakness and also knowing she will certainly for under pressure, Abigail begins to act together if she is bewitched and also pretends to check out a yellow bird in the rafters. The various other girls follow her lead, moaning and also pointing. Mar realizes Abigail is pretending, and also begs her to stop, however Abigail begins merely repeating Mary"s words, and the girls join in. Mary is ostracized by the team that had once made her feel powerful and accepted. It is too much for Mary and also she has actually an emotional breakdown, realizing she will be component of the team of girl again if she plays along, and she does, joining lock in accusing more and more villagers of witchcraft.