It is currently the funding and also biggest city in the United States Virgin Islands. In the story, Phillip is stranded on a raft through Timothy, a West Indian male, after the ship he and also his mother are on is torpedoed by the Germans.

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Also, where is the book the cay located?

The Cay opens in February 1942 on the island of Curacao, then component of the Dutch West Indies. When Phillip is ship wrecked, the setting shifts to an unnamed cay deep in the Devil"s Mouth, lengthy U-shaped coral financial institutions in the Caribbean.

Additionally, just how does Timothy die in the Cay? Timothy dies after being injured and also losing consciousness in the time of a storm. During a damaging storm, Timothy ties Phillip to a tree as the waves crash over them. Timothy provides himself as a shield, placing Phillip between his body and also the tree. The waves are violent, and also he is in pain.

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Likewise, civilization ask, wright here is Phillip from in the Cay?


When did Timothy from the cay die?

The fatality of Timothy occurs in Chapter 15 of this great novel, and also, as we review it, we watch that Timothy died as a result of protecting Philip from the storm that raveras their island.

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What is the dispute in the Cay?

In The Cay, Phillip and also Timothy experience exterior problem as they fight to make it through on the island also and also as they suffer a severe tempest. Phillip experiences internal conflict as he learns to live with his blindness and also acquire confidence and ability.

How did Phillip go blind in the Cay?

Phillip"s Blindness After a German torpecarry out hits the S.S. Hato, Phillip is injured and also inevitably goes blind. This discapability forces him to depend on the West Indian guy Timothy and also see the world from his point of see.

Is the cay a true story?

The Cay is based upon a genuine story of a son that was actually stranded and also floated on the sea for a long time. 2. The Cay took only 3 weeks to complete!

Who created the Cay?

Theodore Taylor

Who is blind in the Cay?

When Young Phillip is separated from his mom and discovered by a babsence guy named Timothy and also his cat Stewcat, Phillip becomes blind and they all finish up on an island also.

How execute you pronounce Cay?

“Cay” is commonly pronounced the exact same method (KEE), but some dictionaries give an alternative pronunciation, KAY. “Quay” was originally pronounced KEE, and that"s still the preferred pronunciation (it was once spelled “key”).

Is the cay a movie?

The Cay (movie) The Cay is an Amerideserve to drama film based upon the book, The Cay. It aired on NBC on October 21, 1974. This short short article about movies have the right to be made longer.

What happens in the Cay?

He goes completely blind. The man, boy, and also cat drift in the sea and also ultimately occur upon a little cay (island). Timothy steers the raft to the island also, even though Phillip wants to remain at sea (much better chance of rescue, he thinks). On the island also Timothy builds a hut and also catches langosta (lobster) for the castaways to eat.

What is the primary layout of the cay?


Who is the main character of the cay?

Stew Cat Phillip Enbest Timothy Father Mother

Who is the protagonist in the Cay?


What occurred to stew Cat in the Cay?

Stew Cat"s Survival The cay is hit by a devastating tempest, or tropical storm. Stew Cat survives by climbing a palm tree to acquire amethod from the wind and also waves. After Timothy dies in the storm, Stew Cat is Phillip"s only agency on the cay. When Phillip is rescued, he takes Stew Cat with him.

Who is the antagonist in the Cay?

The antagonist: The hurricane , World battle 2 , the germale sub , and Phillip" s blindness. The hurricane is one of the antagonist bereason it made Phillip , Timothy , and stew cat and also the Cay difficult to make it through.

What awards did the Cay win?

Jane Addams Children"s Book Award
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