Summary—Chapter 4: showing Off in Sunday institution

Mr. Walters dropped to “showing off,” withall species of official bustlings and also activities. . . . The librarian “showedoff”. . . . The young lady teachers “showed off”. . . . The littlegirls “showed off” in assorted ways, and the tiny boys “showedoff.”

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Sunday morning arrives, and also Tom prepares for Sunday schoolwith the assist of his cousin Mary. Together Tom battles halfheartedlyto learn his scriptures verses, mary encourages and also entices that withthe promise the “something ever before so nice.” Tom’s work-related ethic climate improves,and the manages to memorize the verses. Mary provides him a “Barlow” knifeas reward. Tom then costume for church, and he, Mary, and Sid hurryoff to Sunday school, i beg your pardon Tom loathes.

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Before class begins, Tom trades all the spoils that hasgained indigenous his whitewashing scam for tickets. The tickets are givenas rewards because that well-recited bible verses, and a student that hasmemorized two thousand verses and received the proper ticketscan profession them in because that a copy the the Bible, awarded v honor infront of the whole class.

Judge Thatcher, the uncle that Tom’s friend Jeff Thatcher,visits Tom’s course that day. The judge’s family has his daughter, Becky—thebeautiful girl Tom notices the vault afternoon. The class treatsthe judge as a celebrity—the students, teachers, and also superintendentmake a great attempt at showing off because that him. As usual, Tom is thebest show-off—by trading for tickets prior to class, Tom has accumulatedenough to earn a Bible. Mr. Walters, Tom’s Sunday school teacher,is flabbergasted as soon as Tom ideologies with the tickets. The knowsthat Tom has not memorized the appropriate variety of verses, butsince Tom has the forced tickets, and also since Mr. Walters is eagerto admire Judge Thatcher, the Bible-awarding awareness proceeds.

The judge pats Tom top top the head and compliments him onhis diligence. He provides him the opportunity to present off his purportedknowledge, asking him, “No doubt you know the name of all the twelve disciples.Won’t friend tell united state the surname of the first two that were appointed?”Tom walk not recognize their names, that course, and also eventually blurtsout the an initial two names that come to his mind: David and Goliath.The narrator pleads, “Let us attract the curtain of charity end therest the the scene.”

Summary—Chapter 5: The Pinch-bug and His prey

After Sunday institution comes the church service, i beg your pardon includesa long, tedious sermon. At one point, the minister describes how,at the millennium (the 1,000-year period duringwhich Christ will power over the earth, according to Christianity)the lion and also the lamb will lie under together and also a tiny childshall lead them. Tom wishes that he could be that child—as longas the lion to be tame.

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Bored, Tom takes from his bag a box containing a “pinchbug,”or a big black beetle. The insect pinches him and also slips from hisgrasp come the middle of the aisle in ~ the very same time the a stray poodlewanders right into the church. The dog investigates the pinchbug, receivesone pinch, circles the insect warily, and then eventually sits onit. The bug latches onto the poodle’s behind, and the regrettably dogruns yelping through the church till its grasp flings it out a window.The basic laughter disrupts the sermon completely, and also Tom goeshome happy, in spite of the ns of his bug.