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Here we have actually the best British one shooting of every time. Relocated native Yorkshire come London, The Accent i m so sad only had one chance to record, and luckily the groundbreaking and creative Mike Vernon was behind the plank which led to this developing this absolute masterpiece the mood, folky guitars and some the the most heavy psychedelic beat cursed to wax, this next of the open Mind (remember "Magic Potion", posted below last spring?)A genuine tragedy that this tape wasn"t offered a chance to cut an LP or at least a few more singles as who KNOWS what rather they may have come increase with. However, it"s kinda cool in a method that your one release is merely flawless. As well bad much more people haven"t heard it throughout the years. Kind of impressive that this document was released in the united state at all; however, as this to be the day when creative thinking ran free and the suits had no idea what those crazy children were doing, musicians to be able come freely discover their creativity. Too bad that hasn"t been the situation for a lengthy time. From 1967...
Posted byDerek SeeatNovember 15, 2010


Jacqui Elliottsaid...

Too bad is right. Isn't ironic the we now rock the suits! haha

November 15, 2010 in ~ 10:21 AM


I love this record.. I picked up a copy back in the at an early stage 80's simply cos the title sounded promising and was totaly blown away by it. Among my all time fave 60's 45's.. In addition to the open up Mind 45 and Tintern Abbey.. An additional perfect one shot. Cheers, Dave

November 15, 2010 in ~ 11:39 PM


The Accent were Rick Birkett (guitar), man Hebron (vocals, guitar), Alan Davies (bass), and also Pete Beetham (drums). Originally called the Blue Blood Group before relocating to London, where they started making a severe name for themselves with their hard attack on your instruments and a hefty psychedelic sound, obtaining a residency in ~ the Upper reduced Club. They came to the fist of Mike Vernon, who created "Red skies at Night," ~ above Deram. Rick Birkett later recorded top top Vernon's Blue Horizon brand under the surname Rick Hayward and was a member the the Zombies and also Jellybread. "Red sky at Night" has actually re-appeared ~ above the Deram compilation “The Psychedelic Scene” exit in 1998 and is cheaply and also easily available. A good compilation that has the human Instinct, the Plague, Felius Andromeda (superb!!!!) and the Poets amongst many more.

November 16, 2010 in ~ 3:13 AM


Oh mine God !That sounds choose Led Zeppelin satisfy the Shangri las under grass results ? !Another tune please.

November 16, 2010 in ~ 4:46 AM

SOOOOO an excellent - thank you!Yes, increase there through 'magic potion', which is my greatest praise.

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November 18, 2010 at 9:57 AM

Excellent tune. I would love come hear the the B side. Say thanks to you!